AR Follow up Services

    Sophisticated team and technology duo – Drag it or drop your dollars!

    Emerging trends in healthcare information technology (HIT) are calling for a power-packed combo of upgraded EHR suite backed by an expertise accounts receivable (AR) team to avoid the bad debt burden.

    Our NextGen RCM support stands firmly beside you to manage your accounts receivables from different ends including patient responsibilities (co-pay, co-insurance, and deductibles), third-party receivables (primary, secondary and tertiary insurances), etc. As well, important documentations like AR summary, AR reconciliation statements, etc. will be automatically generated in our system, along with aggressive AR calling to ensure 100% payment recovery.

Your Benefits:

  • Continuous AR calling
  • Automated adjustments to reflect net A/R at time of charge entry
  • Automatic balance shift to secondary,tertiary insurance, and patient responsibility.

 Want To know How Dr. Patrick of California Transformed his NextGen EHR in to a profit making Tool ?