Medical Billing Pain Area

Our clients say we are the best

Does your collection match at least a percentage of your effort?

You are conscious that your current Medical Billing service provider does not justify the cash flow that your facility actually owes.

Your money flow is wobbly and your Medical Billing process is not on right track. You are haunted day and night with the feel that your medical billing service does not function with determination and exigency;

BillingParadise has tailored solutions for your practice-specific needs and a demonstrated track record for all types of medical billing needs. We have the right blend of technology and effective workforce that makes us more efficient than any other Medical Billing company in the industry. This has given us the foresight to peer into any of your medical billing issues and solve it with ease and efficiency to the client's utmost expectations. Our experience and expertise results in increased revenue for our clients- our ultimate aim.

We help you by improve your existing collections; on the other hand we pile up your confidence by dissolving your AR to the maximum extent. We work as an extension of your own wing rather than a separate entity and our results provide the necessary clarity into your practice

We take pride in observing and retorting to all our clients needs with utmost dedication and accuracy. Below are few points for you to ponder:

We can submit your error-free claims in a fairly swift manner;

We have our internal validation of claims before it is passed on to the clearing houses;

We provide you with reports on the claims status at constant intervals;

We robustly follow up underpaid claims if any;

We study the reasons for rejections and get rid of it the next time;

We scrutinize the payers' settlement decisions and take the lesson out of it.

We are cautious on the issues that led to present claims rejection and see to it that it does not repeat in the future claims.

Its time for struggling Health care facilities to understand that they have miles to go in terms of collection and it is hardly time for facilities to adapt a diplomatic approach in identifying the bug that affects the entire process and try to fix it by outsourcing their medical billing needs to a trusted partner like BillingParadise.

Make all your medical billing worries a history. Our Mission is to maximize the revenue of the Health care facilities those have opted us for their billing needs. Whatever is said here might not sound new to our readers, but we perceive that it is our responsibility to remind you that this Medical Billing is our core business whereas health care is your primary business.

To know more about our Medical Billing service and ways to maximize your cash flow and wipe out your worries, call our team at 1-(888)-571-9069.