Medical Billing Reimbursement Services

BillingParadise is a service provider for medical billing and coding online, our experience in documenting medical insurance claims and persistent follow-up guarantees swift insurance reimbursements, with our effort and expertise in medical billing and coding 90% of the claims that we document result in successful reimbursements and the balance 10% that may be denials are re-submitted, followed-up and negotiated with determined effort.

The delay in documenting medical insurance claims obviously upsets the reimbursement cycles of many clinics. The shortage of billing and coding staff or the inexperience of the coder are main contributing factors for the delayed receivables from insurance companies.

Our team of expert coders is updated on a daily basis on any changes in the CPT and ICD codes. The HCFA-1500 is electronically submitted to the insurance companies, either directly or through a clearinghouse. The billing staff of the company is well-acquainted at using billing software's such as Medic, IDX, Medisoft, Medical Manager, Kareo and other software's.

The electronic claim files are created using the software and are securely transmitted as per HIPPA regulations to the clearinghouse or the specified payer, the clinics after receiving the reimbursements send us the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) of the claim, which is then updated into our records accordingly.

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