California RCM Billing Services

BillingParadise prepares and passes your medical bills to bestow you with the highest reimbursement for every code. Once you sign-up with us, you could feel the positive transformation in your revenue cycle management process – as you would be backed by our coding veterans, certified billers, claim auditors and compliance officers who work in sync 24/7, to meet your medical billing needs.

What is unique with our billing service ?

At BillingParadise, we have ample experts to prop up a wide range of healthcare delivery centers including clinics, physical therapy, hospitals, nursing homes, psychologists, physician groups, chiropractors and dentistry in all the facets of medical billing. Besides being extensive in billing service, we proffer varied medical billing packages for the practices across California.

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15 Medical Billing Questions to Scrutinize Your Practice Robustness…

  • Are you optimizing your billing process periodically ?
  • Do you set the yardstick to bolster your bottom-line ?
  • Whether you miss substantial dollars due to cluttered appointments ?
  • Are you often hitting a snag with eleventh hour ineligibility discovery ?
  • Is your practice hampered with ambiguous documentations ?
  • Do you have certified coders to ensure maximal reimbursements ?
  • Are your coders aware of payer-specific coding ?
  • Ever lost your revenue due to missed charges in your superbills ?
  • How much money did you lose in payer audits ?
  • Do you have internal auditors to thwart paying penalties ?
  • Is your practice recurrently encountering claim denials ?
  • How frequent do you get claim rejections ?
  • Is the claim appeal process a tough nut to crack ?
  • Are the Accounts Receivables (ARs) irking your healthcare practice ?
  • Are your patients not responding to your AR calls ?

Pre-encounter Package

This service box encompasses the appointment scheduling/ re-scheduling, appointment reminders, referral management, eligibility and benefits verification, and credentialing and validation services.

Medical Coding and Auditing Package

This package is specifically for the practices which deem that coding is the major hindrance for revenue gains. We utilize professional, certified coders and we conduct both real-time and scheduled audits to validate the aptness of the codes for the services rendered by you at your practice. Besides, we ensure that the codes would ethically bring you the maximal reimbursements.

AR Calling Package

Are patient edge collectibles daunting you ?

You may relinquish your patient edge collection and payer edge reimbursement predicaments to us. Also, we could save your spending for the collection agencies by employing our aggressive AR callers and claims follow up staffs.

Full-blown Package

This is the most economical and most preferred package for our clients. We would take care of your entire revenue cycle management (RCM) from the scratch. We would help you in payer credentialing, appointments, specialty coding (ICD-9/ICD-10/CPT/HCPCS), billing, clearinghouse transmission, claims follow-up, collection and payment posting (EOBs/ERAs). Also, we would help you in improving you financial benchmark.

Bespoke Package

We also offer a customized service for the practices with solo physicians or large hospitals with vivid aim to save your revenue and perk-up your business.

Our Value-added Services

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Though, we serve across the U.S., we have a robust client base at California especially in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Franscisco and Sacramento.

Specialty Focused RCM Services

We have specialized teams of medical billers and coders who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and coding tasks

Struggling To Bill With Your EHR/EMR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Service Suite Tailored To Your Needs

Skilled Personnel

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BillingParadise employs trained personnel to manage your claim denials. All claim reworks are done in the fastest way and are always inspected by our in house quality auditors before resubmission.

Foolproof System

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At BillingParadise we have designed our Denial Management Operation workflow to be streamlined and highly productive. We ensure that your denials are reworked correctly and on time.

State-of-the-art Tech

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BillingParadise provides you the most optimized and cost effective software.The DenialBridge is a turnkey software solution. Easily deployable, seamlessly scalable & can be maintained & updated.

Hire one/combination of services/all, we at BillingParadise will meet your needs 100%

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.