Effective Medical Billing Services

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BillingParadise is an abode of Medical Billing solutions that would help the needy practices and offices alike.

Our practice-specific solutions are a rare-kind to find. BillingParadise remains a top choice for every Medical practice due to its determination to eliminate wastage of medical billing costs and the fixing of your medical billing problems. The entire event is streamlined and well coordinated by industry veterans.

Our value added services include

Exceptional return on Investment that would keep you tuned to us. Eradicate your medical doubts along with your worries over claims with our unique skills and practice specific approach.

Proven results in enhancing clients collections. We increase your profits substantially compared to all other players in the health care market. Our clients rake in profits through our low cost outsourcing model embedded with 98% claims collection.

Fully loaded Medical Billing solutions are offered by BillingParadise. The package comes in with world-class EMR software to ease your medical billing worries. With BillingParadise as your offshore partner you can free your staff from Medical billing and use them for your in-house patient care services.

Perfect Process and New age Technology- tailor made to suit your practice specific needs. Being masters of claims filing, we are gifted to pre-adjudicate before submission. We are aware of the "nitty gritty" that makes the payers pay.

Nothing is hidden from you. We offer you the reports and updates on our process and claims status at constant intervals. All of these are online and easily accessible through a computer and internet connection. Our status update feature is an unmatched property in whole of the medical industry.

A dynamic team that comprises of experienced medical coders, billers, managers and engineers. Ours is a team that portrays unparalleled dedication and demonstrates how to do a job right. Our team with their untainted experience handles every billing task with ease. Their thorough knowledge in handling claims helps in achieving higher percentage of collections for your practice.

BillingParadise is a gem among the other medical billing service providers. Our services ever remain special. Call us now to increase your collections. Free yourself and focus on primary care rather than the mind-numbing medical billing processes.

Call us now to gain advantage over your medical billing processes @1-(888)-571-9069.