Medical Billing Fax System

Secure Faxing System to Aid Workflow Automation!

Your fax gateway to BillingParadise

    Receiving paperwork by fax machine is inefficient and wasteful. That's why BillingParadise use the world class technology software called Kareo.

    They assign each medical practice a virtual fax number that you can use to capture and scan paperwork directly into the software. It eliminates the paper and takes the hassle out of using fax machines.

    Set up Fax Numbers

    You can set up a kFax number for any practice in BillingParadise. You can activate faxing services and BillingParadise will automatically provision and present your new fax number.

    Your new fax number can be displayed on your practice dashboards so that all of your users know where to fax documents. The fax number remains active for the life of your BillingParadise subscription.

    Receive Faxes

    Once your kFax number is provisioned, you can send a fax to your kFax number using any standard fax machine and BillingParadise receives the fax, automatically converts the fax into a scanned document, and delivers the new fax to the right practice database.

Manage Faxes

Once you receive a fax, you can use that faxed document just like you would use any other scanned document within BillingParadise. You can view faxes on screen and zoom-in and zoom-out, shrink pages to fit your screen, and rotate pages.

You can print entire faxes or specific pages of a fax. Store your faxes as batches or index and attach pages to individual records. Finally, you can also add notes and route the faxes to other users in your organization for further processing.

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