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    Why EHR ? Why Amazing Charts? Why BillingParadise ?

    Medical billing and electronic health records are two big reforms in the medical industry brought out by the U.S government for the betterment of its citizens.

    The applications of these reforms were followed by the stringent security measures like HIPAA and HL7 messaging standards.

    The most intriguing blow to medical practices is the penalization of medical practices on failure to apply EHR software applications.

    These are to be adopted and made fully functional within a specific deadline.

This implication of EHR/EMR and medical billing has left the anaestheologists sleepless, has given cardiologists a heart attack. The immediate adoption of technology is always a migraine to practitioners and practices.

Throw your migraine pills away and dedicate more time to the profession you love the most with the combo of Amazing Charts, the leading EHR in the market and BillingParadise the leading service provider in the market.

Health care industry demands progress at all stages and all domains, be it the health care of the patients or the documentation and billing processes. Only a software application with futuristic visions and thorough work flow management can survive the situation. Once such is the Amazing Charts EHR that is known for its usability and affordability. A best product can serve you best only when utilized to its best. This is what we do at BillingParadise.

You get what you owe !

BillingParadise has emerged as a one-stop solution for all your needs concerning Medical Billing. Our sturdy team is built with ascribed transcribers and billing whizzes chosen up for their effectiveness and exceptionality. Our distinctiveness is that we offer more than your hopes in the shortest TAT ever possible. Through our persuasive and punctual Medical Billing solutions, our clients are guaranteed an improved workflow management and output. Our services include date entry, electronic claim submission, AR posting, generating weekly reports, follow-ups on projected claims, and revitalization of denied claims.

The other side of the balance:

Many Medical Billing practices are at the present time preoccupied from focusing on effective health care to their patients. Facilities are hard-pressed to a state to handle health care as well as billing and cash flow management. Many health care facilities struggle at this point to maintain their state of equilibrium. This eventually leads to misdirected money and affects the efficiency of the medical office on the whole. We can help you at the other side of the balance with your billing and collection processes boosted up.

Leave off your worries. We can fetch back your misdirected money and taut your drooping efficiency with Amazing Charts's amazing tools and our perception.

Perk up your billing works with BillingParadise:

We always add up the factor to all our services apart from our regular factor. We meant the smart work that accompanies hard work enabling to attain our goals in a single stroke. This is our "Success Mantra".

"You are the best in your profession and so are we"

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