Billing For ClinxPM Users

Effective Clinx Medical Billing Service

Clean medical Billing services with BillingParadise:

    BillingParadise is a visionary in the medical billing services industry providing quality medical billing services and claim filing on time.

    The medical billing behemoth offers clean medical billing and claims filing services exclusively for Clinx Medical Billing Software users.

    Medical billing service using the Clinx is our specialty as we are best in providing software- specific services.

    Effective medical billing and claim filing:

    The team is industrious when it comes to medical billing or medical claim filing. We also provide claims appeal and denial management. We tend to achieve 99% clean claims using our unique methodology of scrubbing houses. These scrubbing houses scrub your filed claims clean of errors. This error-free claims submission helps us to achieve 99% successful claims.

Keep your Medical practices running through effective revenue management?

BillingParadise provides a variety of services apart from services through Clinx Medical Billing Software. We also provide revenue management through software deployed at your premises. With effective claim scrubbing and claim filing, we generate funds that are required to run a medical practice. On outsourcing the medical billing services to us for a longer period we handle the revenue cycle management system and make sure that all your account receivables (AR) are transferred to your bank account on time. We see to that the claims submitted and collected are on time with regular follow ups so that the revenue generation is uniform.

BillingParadise and perfect outsourcing reforms.

BillingParadise is a pioneer in producing exceptional outsourcing models. The key point is that the service provider and the seeker benefits mutually. By outsourcing your medical billing and claims filing operation to us, you can save up to 40% of your revenue and time spent on it. BillingParadise acts as the extension of your medical practice. Being a resident of a different time zone your claims and medical billing occur instantly on your working hours. Our time zone advantage towers over any other service provider and so does our economical fee structure.

Legends of a legend:

BillingParadise is declared the best by fellow customers and millions nationwide due to the following reasons.

7 teams to work on your Revenue cycle

100% HIPAA compliant

24/7 Billing and Collection Support..

99% denial-free claims

100% claims filing on time

99% claims collections

100% client retention rate

Incredible customer support

Exceptional outsourcing models and costs.

Outstanding customer support for all your service queries:

We demonstrate a scintillating customer support experience to our clients. We are available for your enquiries all day and night. Our business service requires us to be available in all time zones as we have our clientele spread all over the world.

Call us now at our toll free 1-(888)-571-9069 to experience the quality of our service.