Certified Billers For BillNetPRO Users

    BILLNET PRO is web-based medical billing software.

    BillingParadise offers distinguished medical billing services for this product.

    Being a software-specific service provider we offer elevated technical support that is affordable by even small clinics.

    We are tagged with hundreds of health care facilities across the nation for their medical billing and coding needs.

Investment with savings:

BillingParadise launches a limited period special offer for practices / individuals. BillingParadise is a busy reseller. We offer EMR software subscriptions at free of cost for our customers. The customers can register for the free subscription of EMR by signing up for their medical billing, coding, transcription and claims processing services with us. We also call forward software manufacturers, vendors, resellers and existing BILLNET PRO users to team up with us and save on their current expenses.

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Easy EMR Implementation:

BillingParadise offers effective EMR implementation services that promote meaningful use. BillingParadise offers excellent solution for EMR migration. The migration is a tedious and time consuming process. BillingParadise's swift migration module helps you to stay on track in no time.

How can you save more with BillingParadise?

A majority of the medical population resort to buy the product from the manufacturer. The trust factor causes them to ignore resellers. The tables turn once the customer requires steady after-sales customer support or technical support. The technical support charges and EMR implementation charges does not come at cheap costs from the manufacturer. But teaming up with software resellers like BillingParadise, the medical facility can save a fortune. Apart from this BillingParadise stays on target to handle all medical office operations at a very low cost.

Outsource and reap favors:

Outsource your medical office operations to BillingParadise, the health care industry expert. Select from the variety of our outsourcing models and save about 40% of your medical office expenses.

The trademarks of billing paradise are:

24-hours customer support

Technical support

Virtual assistant

With these services to provide, assisting a needy client has never been tough for BillingParadise.

Attractive additives:

In addition to our much proclaimed servic,e BillingParadise offers claims services. The services listed are

Claims filing

Claim scrubbing

Claims follow up

Claims collections

Claims appeal

Revenue management

Denial management

HIPAA Indulgence:

We are ardent followers of HIPAA every service offered is subjected to stringent quality analysis. Every process practiced by us is compliant with HIPAA and ARRA rules.

Ask the experts:

BillingParadise toils round the clock to keep up with the demanding clients.

To hire our services please call our toll free @ 1-(888)-571-9069 or fill up an online form to help us call u back.

Specialized Support

An answer for your every need

Billing & Collections

Our 24/7 medical billing team unifies and accelerates your entire billing process. We prevent underpayments, reduce AR backlogs, and increase your practice's net collections. Leave your patient billing worries to our expert patient billing team. Our reimbursement specialists work 3 shifts to boost your bottomline benefits. Stay profitable and in compliance.

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Medical coding is incredibly tough in the post-reform environment. It doesn't begin and end with assigning appropriate codes to medical services, like match the following exercises in kindergarten. You need to work with experienced and credentialed coders who know their way around your EHR, to maximize revenue. You need to work with BillingParadise.

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EMR Support

BillingParadise loves staying ahead of the race! As the healthcare landscape changes constantly, we ensure our services meet the requirements of our clients. Our solutions are always innovative, cutting edge and right up the alley of our clients !

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Old AR

We comply with HIPAA regulations and maintain high confidentiality of patient information. We sign NDA with every employee and audit on daily basis that none of the patient information goes out of our premises. We are known for our extensive application of web technology. On request, our customers are ready to vouch for our technology advantage in online billing and reporting.

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Specialty Focused RCM Services

We have specialized teams of medical billers and coders who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and coding tasks

Struggling To Bill With Your EHR/EMR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Service Suite Tailored To Your Needs

Skilled Personnel

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BillingParadise employs trained personnel to manage your claim denials. All claim reworks are done in the fastest way and are always inspected by our in house quality auditors before resubmission.

Foolproof System

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At BillingParadise we have designed our Denial Management Operation workflow to be streamlined and highly productive. We ensure that your denials are reworked correctly and on time.

State-of-the-art Tech

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BillingParadise provides you the most optimized and cost effective software.The DenialBridge is a turnkey software solution. Easily deployable, seamlessly scalable & can be maintained & updated.

Hire one/combination of services/all, we at BillingParadise will meet your needs 100%

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.