Credentialing Process

A Candid Outlook on Our Credentialing Process

Gather data elements and evidential documents:

  • When you sign up with us, we will send you one simple application with basic questions ranging from your license number to your educational record.

We recommend and you decide the network:

  • We advise what insurance companies you desire to work with - while preserving your autonomy to decide your network.

Primary source verification:

  • After finalizing your network, we will perform rigorous primary source verification to guarantee the veracity and authenticity of physician's medical education information.

Experts' QC analysis:

  • The next step to primary source verification is to execute final quality review with our credentialing verification experts.

Submission, Data Retrieval and follow-up:

  • Subsequent to the QC review, our staff will begin the process of retrieving, completing, submitting, and following up on applications on your behalf.

Dashboard updating and notification:

  • We keep up a correspondence with you all the way through the process, and drop a line to you if we ever need any supplementary information.
  • Perpetually, we'll monitor you for chief credential or demographic changes.
  • Besides, we'll scrutinize your network as a whole for CAQH, Medicare, Medicaid, and state licensure sanctions. This customary screening will guard your plan from sanctioned providers, preserve national certification necessities, and augment your jeopardy management potential.

  • At any time, if you want to be acquainted with your progress, you can call us, or view your progress via our online dashboard!

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