Patient Eligibility Verification

    24/7 e-MDs Real-time Patient Insurance Eligibilty Verification Process !

    Are You Shocked With Delayed Discovery of Uninsured Patients ?

    BillingParadise saves e-MDs' EHR/EMR users from such embarrassing situations by providing triggering patient eligibility verification process right in the beginning of the revenue cycle management (RCM) process, when the patient phones for an appointment or checks-in through the patients' portal or at the hospital reception. Such an initiative saves time, effort, and confusion at the discharge stage.

    You often play down the importance of ascertaining whether the patient is covered by insurance for the healthcare services provided by your hospital. To make matters worse, you only realize at the final clinical stage when the patient is about to be discharged or even after the patient is discharged that insurance coverage is either not available or has even lapsed. Change this scenario with our patient eligibility verification services.

    "According to the American Medical Association (AMA) eligibility verification helps practitioners to save about $4,000 per physician."

Our eMDs insurance eligibility verification process includes a thorough check of…

If you are an eMDs user you can doubly check that all pertinent details about your patients' eligibility are thoroughly verified.

  • Patient's name and details of insurance policy.
  • Insurance eligibility of the patient.
  • Co-pay and deductibles.
  • Patient balance.
  • Pre-existing insurance authorization.
  • Provider's name and location.
  • Provider's eligibility status.
  • Provider's participation status with effective date.

What Do We Require for Conducting Verification Process ?

We just require the following inputs from you to complete the verification process:

  • Patient's clinical data.
  • Your Tax ID and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.

How Are Practitioners Benefited by Insurance Verification ?

Some of the numerous benefits offered by us to users of e-MDs' EMRs/EMRs are:

Which is better: In-house/Outsourced Facility for Eligibility Verification?

Employing a staff for eligibility purposes or training your staff do the job can get expensive and time taking. BillingParadise has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals that will help you out with efficient and effective patient eligibility service. You can rely on us for freeing you from the hassles of insurance verification. Apart from this, we suggest that you try out AMA's Eligibility Verification Toolkit.

Is it Possible to Check Insurance Eligibility through Health Insurance Membership Card of Patients ?

Definitely not. Possession of health insurance membership card by a patient does not necessarily imply that insurance eligibility is confirmed. In addition, it does not contain the crucial patient benefit information through which co-pay and referral decisions can be made at the point of care.

Can Eligibility Be Verified Through Smart Phones ?

Sure enough. Tech-savvy BillingParadise is keeping track of the latest developments. You can perform real time eligibility checking through iPads, iPods, tablets or any mobile gadget.

We know much more!!! Do contact us for further queries, be they latest innovations like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions with insurance eligibility verification feature, integration of insurance verification with the physicians practice management software, eligibility check software, etc. or any related issues concerning free EHR/EMR subscription and RCM consultancy.