Nephrology Clean Claims Creation Service

We create squeaky clean claims that get paid the first time

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The first step…

Are you struggling with rejected claims ?

Blame it on a faulty claims creation process. It is a no-brainer that an accurate claim gets paid swiftly.

As easy as it sounds, creating an error-less medical claim, requires enormous effort and expertise.

At BillingParadise, a lot goes into creating a claim. We have helped Nephrology users create claims that get paid without a second thought.

Now you can be sure …

That all your medical claims, are, accurate! Every claim we create, goes through several quality checks, even before it reaches our claims scrubbing experts. Years of experience ensures that your claims revenue cycle, is on even keel. Send cleaner claims, eradicate denials and get the benefit of working with someone who works 24/7.

Our claims creation process...

  • We select the new claims option from the billing band.
  • Our claims creating team select the provider name, facility, POS and claim type.
  • In the claims window, we enter exact CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes.
  • Modifiers are entered manually by our certified coding team.
  • We cross check with the "error tab" to ensure that the claim details are perfect.
  • We are just around the Conner. Click here to have our Regional RCM Expert come down to your office immediately to get all your questions answered !
  • Your billing office doesn't close after 7 thanks to our comprehensive, round the clock, support