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Integrating Smart Tools for Epic Denial Management Efficiency

Working with an experienced denial management team has a great impact on denial recovery and workflow efficiency. The bottom line shows a significant improvement once denials get paid, and cash flow increases rapidly.

BillingParadise with an efficient Epic Denial Management team has proven expertise partnering with leading hospitals, and efficiently taking care of their denial management needs.

We process the denial information that hospitals receive in multiple formats from multiple payers. Using smart automation tools, we streamline their process organizing data and going into the root causes of denials

Understanding Denial Trends

The information we gather from the reporting tools, helps us scrutinize why claims with one particular insurer are rejected more often than others. It also helps us find out why a particular diagnosis code repeatedly results in rejected claims.

In a nutshell, our denial management team identifies reasons behind denials and updates health organizations to work on the best practices that would lead to better clean claim rates. As per HFMA, you should maintain your denial rate not more than 5%. Otherwise you will be in a great mess.

These are conveyed to the hospital’s revenue management team for making necessary adjustments to categorizations.

We follow an established practice of reviewing weekly, monthly, and quarterly denial reports of health organizations. These provide us with valuable information of recent write-offs, facility-specific denial trends, besides service line-specific denial analysis.

How we Process Appeals & Denial Management in Epic?

First and foremost, our analysis begins by determining the geography and size of the health organization, the denial management team then reviews the payer and patient mix. The team surveys the staffing structure and the available technology the organization currently has.

This gives us a basic understanding of the organizations functionality, before we start processing denials.

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Our Denial Management Service Highlights

AR caller with security

All denials are routed to the denial analysis department. Denials are segregated into line item and full denials

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DenialAnalyzer, our denial management and reporting app, gives you realtime insights

automation calling

All claims are categorized into different follow-up groupings.


We work with all federal and commercial payers and have strong knowledge of their payment mechanisms

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Redundant processes are automated. This cuts back on cycle times. Recover money faster.

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Software that identifies, isolates, quantifies and categorizes denials to help you lower your denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources.

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Before we delve into processing denied claims, we need to know the initial denial rate, dollar rate, and claim rate. This will help us lower denial rates, and improve the process.

Organized Process

Losing track of the denied claims will lead to diminishing revenue. If the number of denials keeps increasing, it will lead to revenue loss and severe administrative problems. Thus, an organized denial management process can help track all claims, using HIPAA certified tools and technologies.

Denial Trends

Quantify and categorize the denials by tracking, evaluating and recording the denial trends. We consult your physicians and payers for information. This helps reduce claim denials and improve compliance. We also use data and analytics to collate and find reasons for claim denials, and identify core issue to rectify them.

Completing denials within 24 to 48 hours

Whenever a claim is denied, we follow a validated process to get the denial corrected, preferably within 24 to 48 hours. This is made possible by following an established workflow which will track the claims as they enter and leave your system.

Quality and quantity

Our 24 hours active resources enable us to provide resolution through analysis and calling. This helps segregating quality claims, while eliminating claims that do not need to be resubmitted. .

Tracking the progress

This is one of the most important aspects of denial management. It helps to know which areas are doing well and which need further improvement. Both the wins and losses will be documented for future analysis and improve the systems efficiency. Automating denial management processes also give plenty of time to rework on rejections.
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Our Epic's EHR support suite and RCM staffs work in-line with your payer specific policies to recoup your revenue and make your practice business run productively. Our EHR suite is designed with customized windows and interfaces, specific for each insurance payer. Besides, we have experienced billing staffs, competent internal auditors, expert IT veterans and connoisseur regulatory advisors to deliver an incredible service to our clients.

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BillingParadise has helped several Epic users brush aside their billing hurdles and run a more profitable practice, inline, with regulatory guidelines.

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Medical coding is becoming increasingly complex. An average coder, who assigns codes without in-depth analysis can do your practice more harm than good. Epic users can now code right!

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EMR Support

We take care of your front end and back end revenue cycle processes. Right from appointment scheduling and eligibility verification to claim analysis and denial resolution, our Epic revenue cycle management services, have you covered. We help you leverage and extract the most out of the staff, technology and workflow of your medical practice.

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Old AR

AR calling is more than just making calls to insurers and leaving home at six. You need AR callers who are persistent, informed and quick.We work with Epic users every single day and offer flexible, practice specific support.

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Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s Epic revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your Epic RCM processes.

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We have specialized teams of AAPC certified medical billing specialist who hold speciality specific certifications to handle your billing and claims management

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