AR Services for Urgent Care

Your Dedicated Ally in Urgent Care Account Receivable Services

Are you facing a backlog of 60, 90, and 120+ days old accounts receivable? Now is the time to resolve aged and outstanding AR using a blend of AI-driven technology and expert staff services, tailored for Urgent Care practices.

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Leading-Edge Proficiencies: Why We're a Top Choice for Urgent Care Account Receivable Services


A team with over 8 years of specialized experience in Urgent Care AR calling

AI Integration and Automation

Advanced AI systems streamline accounts receivable processes, minimizing manual tasks

MGMA Benchmarking

Immediate alerts when AR exceeds set benchmarks

Efficient Urgent Care Claims Resolution

A 98% recovery rate on all pending account receivable for urgent care claims in weeks

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Distinct Accounts Receivable Obstacles in Urgent Care Specialties

A significant portion of Urgent Care's pending accounts receivable stems from ineffective communication between insurance companies and providers. Common AR challenges in this field include:

AR caller with security

Issues with Accounts Receivable for Incorrect ER Visits

insights ideas

Determining medical necessity for specific services

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Problems related to provider credentialing


Misclassification of service location and facility

automation calling

Deficiency in skilled AR personnel

These issues often result in overlooked payer correspondence in your mailroom or insufficient communication with insurers, leading to AR claims aging beyond 30 days without payment.

We offer Specialized Support to navigate these complex Urgent Care AR issues.