Patient Eligibility Verification Services for Pathology Practices

We automate the eligibility verification process of Pathology.

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    Your complete patient eligibility verification solution

    According to RemitData insurance coverage related issues were the one of the top 5 reasons for claim denials. With the cost of reworking on claims steadily going up it is time for pathology practices and groups to automate and increase the effectiveness of their insurance eligibility verification processes. Our eligibility verification solution is built form the ground up for Pathology. It is scalable, highly secure and helps you eliminate frontend bottlenecks.

    Through VerifyNow healthcare organizations can instantly access and verify the coverage information of patients. Access over 800 health insurance payer connections to federal and commercial insurance companies in realtime. Yes, we made it simple for Pathology.

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Self pay accounts

Collect patient payments before they turn into pending AR through our self pay coverage identification solutions.

Authorization solution

Quicken pre authorization follow up and reduce eligibility errors

Rengineer processes

Completely re-engineer your eligibility verification process