Orthopedic Coding Services

COSC certified orthopedics coding specialists

    How much attention do you pay to your orthopedic coding process?

    If you run a busy orthopaedic centre we already know the answer. Not much! With thousands of dollars being wasted due to under-coding it is essential you work with an expert orthopedic coding team to prevent revenue loss.

    Strict audits are being conducted across the country to ensure better documentation and coding accuracy. Increase the efficiency of your medical coding process and reduce DNFB with our expert orthopedic coding team.

    Our orthopedic coding services consists of 3 major processes

    • Performing chart abstraction and extracting information
    • Assigning CPT, ICD 10 codes and modifiers
    • Scrubbing codes to ensure maximum level of accuracy

    Our experienced orthopedic coding team, go the extra mile to help you get paid for every service you provide. See all the pieces of the coding puzzle fall magically into place after working with us.

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The 24/7 advantage!

One major reason why claims go unpaid is due to the delay in submitting claims. Our 24/7 coding support ensures you assign codes and transmit claims on the same day of meeting patients. We quicken the time it takes to get paid and make sure you beat claim submission deadlines.

7 ways we can increase your orthopaedic coding throughput and compliance

  • We assign a specialized orthopedics coding team and account manager to handle your medical coding and code auditing requirements.
  • Not specifying external fixation codes is a major revenue drainer in orthopedic practices. Our coding experts ensure accurate fracture treatment codes are entered.
  • We bundle or unbundle claims based on NCCI guidelines. We code according to insurer guidelines on reporting orthopedic procedures.
  • Our experienced coders perform chart analysis and abstraction before assigning medical codes and specialize in time-based coding.
  • We have a specialist coding team for coding orthopedic surgeries. Complexities of the medical procedure and co-morbidities are taken into account before coding for surgical procedures.
  • The centralized work queue we follow can accelerate your medical coding process and facilitate quicker claim submissions.

Want to know what your top paying codes are?

theBillingBridge has robust reporting features that will increase the efficiency of your coding process. View your top-paying CPT codes in a single tap. Armed with this information, you can get that much needed leverage at the negotiation table. Structure your coding process better with our code auditing and analysis tool.

Get highly granular coding reports and advanced data analytics. And the best part of it? You can view, analyse, set benchmarks and make course corrections, right in your smartphone! Yes. TheBillingBridge is optimized to work with iOS and Android devices.

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Specialized Support

An answer for your every need

Billing & Collections

Do you want a powerful orthopedic for your billing aches? BillingParadise is your answer. Our orthopedic billing experts can up your collections ratio and decrease workflow hassles. And the best aspect of working with us is that we have a solution for every concern of yours.

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Most orthopedic practices struggle with revenue loss after a compliance update. At BillingParadise we minimize regulatory pressures by staying on top of evolving regulations and ensuring that your practice is completely compliant. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance and eliminate audit risks.

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EMR Support

Contain costs with our orthopedic EHR/EMR billing support. Missed dinner again?Most users complain that an EHR adds to the number of hours they work. We bill and process claims within your EHR system so you can get back home early. And spend less time worrying about,whether you fed your system with the right billing information.

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Old AR

BillingParadise's stand alone old AR clean up / recovery service will let you submit accurate & error free claims. Which means our dedicated AR management team will follow up with your old unpaid claims. We will assign you a dedicated insurance specific calling team who knows the language of your payer. Our AR callers are orthopedic specific, trained and certified professionals.

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RCM Services

Optimize the many moving parts of your revenue cycle with BillingParadise’s orthopedic revenue cycle management services. Our certified revenue cycle specialists will improve the compliance and performance of your orthopedic RCM processes.

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Struggling To Bill With Your EHR?

At BillingParadise we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

Get paid Three times faster with our 24/7 medical billing services.

Work with medical billers who understand your EHR's billing process backwards and forwards

Avail Free RCM Audit Worth $2,000! Check out 19 different KPI reports that stops your cash flow.