Gastroenterology Coding Services

    Overlooked Gastroenterology coding challenges that we prioritize

    • Incorrect Gastroenterology anatomical coding (left, right or bilateral, etc)
    • Documenting unrevised Gastroenterology codes while submitting claims.
    • Not retaining the different levels of Gastroenterology medical coding for established outpatients from surgery.
    • Failing to understand the medical decision-making process for Gastroenterology services/procedures.
    • Gastroenterology E/M visit times were not coded correctly in the encounter.
    • Incorrect usage of Gastroenterology modifiers
    • Invalid POS for Gastroenterology surgeries and CPT codes injuries (auto liabilities, WC, PIP, etc)
    • Gastroenterology utilization frequency by referring to medical history.

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Gastroenterology conditions coding service expertise offered for

  • Tropical diseases coding
  • Gastrointestinal cancer coding
  • Endoscopic surveillance coding
  • Reflux oesophagitis coding
  • Hepatology coding
  • Pancreatic disease coding
  • Transplantation coding
  • Medicolegal issues coding
  • Inherited cancer syndromes coding
  • Inflammatory bowel disease coding
  • Functional bowel disease coding

    Reliable solutions that can get rid of Gastroenterology coding problems

    • Notify the authorization department if any of the Gastroenterology procedures need prior authorization requests.
    • Correct coding of modifiers such as 24, 25,59, LT, RT, 50, etc.
    • Proper use of 59 modifiers so your Gastroenterology practice doesn't get fined for improper use.
    • Immediate coding support response and resolution within 24 hours.
    • Coding audit on claims before submission to ensure First-time-right (FTR) coding percentage.
Gastroenterology coding

Gastroenterology coding and medical records management tools

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Usage of coding verification tools and online platforms without any additional costs.

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Medical records auditing platform that cross-verifies with ICD-10 and NCCI edits database.

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AAPC Gastroenterology specialty code references through their online portal.

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Gastroenterology services specific eligibility checks using an eligibility automation platform.

Our Gastroenterology coder's credentials and skill set


Our coders maintain commercial insurance company coding reimbursement trends (BCBS, UHC, Aetna, Humana, etc).


Wide range of EHR expertise (EPIC, Athena, eClinical Works, Allscripts, NextGen, Collaborate MD, Kareo, Greenwayhealth, and many more


Our coders are well versed in using coding platforms. (EncoderPro,CodeLink, Flashcode etc)


Up-to-date coding according to CMS guidelines and policies in using ICD-10 CPT, HCPCS, supply codes, etc.


AAPC Certification specializing in Gastroenterology.

Gastroenterology CPT Codes and Reimbursement Rates

Facility and Non-Facility Reimbursement Rates for Commonly Used Gastroenterology Codes

Other Specialties Coding Expertise Offered by BillingParadise

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