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Top notch claims information verification services for Ophthalmology .

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    Your passport to ophthalmology cleaner claims information !

    How often have your claims been given the thumbs down by insurers ?

    Incorrect or insufficient claim information is cited as the main reason, for denied claims.

    What needs to be done ? If you are an Ophthalmology user, you don't have to worry !

    Leave the tough job to us !

    Ophthalmology practices are usually super busy. That explains why most claims have a high error rate. As usual BillingParadise has an answer to your challenge.

    We work together with Ophthalmology, and send out squeaky clean Ophthalmology claims !

    Generate cleaner medical claims, accelerate cash flow, and reduce denials.

Now you can be sure …

That all your medical claims are accurate! Every claim we create, goes through several quality checks, even before it reaches our claims scrubbing experts.Years of experience ensures that your claims revenue cycle, is on even keel. Send cleaner claims,eradicate denials and get the benefit of working with someone who works 24/7..

Now you can see…

  • An uptick in clean claim rates
  • Quicker claims cycle
  • Accurate claim information, everytime