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Reliable Account Receivable for Urology

Do you struggle with delayed payments in your urology practice, especially those exceeding 60, 90, or even 120 days? Tackle these persistent billing issues effectively with our tailored strategies.

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Transforming AR : Impeccable Urology Account Receivable Services

Expertise in Urology AR
With over eight years of dedicated experience, our team excels in handling accounts receivable specific to urology.

Innovative AI Technology
We employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to enhance and quicken the accounts receivable process, significantly minimizing manual labor.

Efficient Alert System
Our system promptly alerts you about any account receivable for urology that exceed predetermined performance benchmarks.

High-Efficiency Claim Settlement
Our professionals consistently achieve a remarkable 98% success rate in recovering urology accounts receivables, often resolving these cases within weeks.

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Challenges in Managing Account Receivable for Urology

The management of urology accounts receivable often encounters difficulties, primarily due to inadequate communication between insurance companies and healthcare providers. Common challenges in urology AR include:

AR caller with security

Mistakes in billing, especially with varied surgical billing procedures.

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Issues in proving the medical necessity for certain treatments.

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Problems stemming from the credentialing process of healthcare providers.


Difficulties in correctly identifying service locations and facility types.

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A shortage of staff specialized in accounts receivable management.

These problems typically result in inefficient dealings with insurance companies and poor outcomes, causing accounts receivable claims to remain unresolved for extended periods, often exceeding 30 days.

Our service provides expert solutions to effectively address and resolve these complex issues in Urology AR management.

Enhance Your Clinic's Income with Urology Account Receivable Services

Neglected accounts receivable claims can significantly impact the revenue of urology practices,
with potential monthly losses averaging around $10,000. Our expert AR team specializes in
recovering these funds with exceptional efficiency.

Utilize our experienced AR professionals to manage your outstanding accounts receivable.

Our urology account receivable services are adaptable and can be customized to meet your clinic's needs.

Receive comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly performance reports from our top AR managers.

Focused on reducing your 60, 90, and 120+ day accounts receivable and boosting your collection effectiveness.

Addressing a Common Misconception:

Although Electronic Health Records (EHRs) may appear cost-effective, often charging as low as 2% of collections, they might miss critical AR tasks like eligibility verification and accurate coding. Understanding their broader role beyond just claim submission is crucial! Looking for Tangible Results? We are dedicated to transforming our commitments into measurable, tangible achievements.

Benefit from Tailored Support for Your Urology AR Requirements.

MGMA Standards and Key Metrics in Urology Account Receivable Services

Our approach encompasses the use of over 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from a broader set of 15, thoroughly examining Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) with an emphasis on AR services for urology.

Benchmark Standards for A/R Days:

35 or fewer A/R days = Good or High performance

35-50 A/R days = Average Performance

“Recognizing the impact of filing delays is essential, as they can hinder the resolution of pending AR. Accounts remaining over 90 or 120+ days in AR significantly diminish the likelihood of successful claim recovery”

Key Metrics Include:

A/R Days

Monitors the average time taken to settle Accounts Receivables. Averages above 50 days typically suggest below-average performance.

First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)

Evaluates the success rate of resolving claims at the first attempt.

Gross Collection Rate (GCR)

Tracks the proportion of the total billed amount successfully collected.

Net Collection Rate (NCR)

Concentrates on the percentage of recoverable revenue that is actually obtained.

Percentage of A/R Over 60 Days

Assesses the portion of Accounts Receivables outstanding for more than 60 days.

Collections per Visit

Calculates the average revenue generated per patient visit.

Contractual Variance

Measures the difference between expected payment amounts as per contracts and the actual payments received.

CleAR - Transforming AR Management with AI-Enhanced Automation

CleAR revolutionizes the management of pending Accounts Receivable, converting complex processes into streamlined, efficient operations. Our AI-driven solution enhances your collection workflow while cutting down costs.

  • AI-Enhanced AR Data Analysis and Segmentation: - Utilize AI to quickly identify high-priority receivables.
  • AI Voice Assistant - Streamlines communication with insurance/payer systems for faster connection to human agents.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: - Delivers detailed reports including Aged Trial Balance (ATB), Open Balance Report (OBR), and Denial Analysis.
  • Advanced Security Measures: - Protects your AR management data with top-tier, multi-level security protocols.
  • Improved Team Collaboration: - Increases data transparency and clarity, promoting better coordination across departments.
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Enhancing Patient Care with Urology Accounts Receivable Services

Blend the empathetic approach of human interaction with the accuracy of AI by incorporating our urology accounts receivable services with AI technology. This enhances patient involvement in their healthcare management and reduces the frustration associated with long wait times.

Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing
  • Patient-Centric Services:Our AR team, focused on patient needs, improves communication and collection processes.
  • AI-Enhanced Financial Engagement: AI-supported patient follow-ups and assistance enhance the financial experience for patients.
  • Automated Patient Billing: Detailed billing statements with integrated collection functionalities.
  • Customized Payment Solutions: Helps patients choose payment plans suitable for their financial situations.

Transforming Patient Payment Collections through Automation

Modernize your patient payment collection with our automated system, improving clarity and decision-making. Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) simplifies the collection process.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlines payment options, saving both time and resources.
  • Resource-Efficient Operations:Automates routine tasks, allowing resources to be allocated to more crucial functions.
  • Robust Data Protection: Maintains patient data security with advanced electronic safeguards.
  • Timely Payment Encouragement: Sends personalized reminders to promote punctual payments.
  • Clearer Communication: Clarifies payment details, reducing patient confusion and the need for repeated follow-ups.

Our Automated AI bots handle these routine tasks, engaging with patients at their convenience.

Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing

Boost Team Productivity with Sophisticated Voice AI Technology.

Our Voice AI technology streamlines phone interactions, freeing your team to focus on critical tasks. Eliminate long wait times and the hassle of dealing with various health plans and payer phone systems




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