Professional Pediatric Account Receivable Services

Streamlined AR Services for Pediatric Specialty

Is your pediatric practice facing issues with delayed payments, especially those pending for periods like 60, 90, or 120 days? Tackle these persistent billing problems with our tailored strategy.

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Transforming Pending AR into Dollars - Pediatric AR Services

Dedicated Expertise in Account Receivables for Pediatric Medical Centers
With more than eight years of specialized experience, our team is adept at handling pediatric accounts receivable with outstanding proficiency.

Integration of Advanced AI Technology
We employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of the pediatric accounts receivable process, significantly minimizing manual involvement.

Efficient Performance Alert System
Our advanced system promptly alerts you to any deviations in pediatric accounts receivable that exceed predetermined benchmarks.

Enhanced Efficiency in Claim Settlements
Our experienced professionals boast a remarkable 98% success rate in the recovery of pediatric account receivables, often resolving these issues in a notably brief period.

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Overcoming Obstacles in Pediatric Accounts Receivable Management

Navigating the complexities of anesthesiology accounts receivable management can be challenging due to frequent communication gaps between insurance providers and healthcare professionals. Key difficulties often faced in anesthesiology AR include:

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Errors in billing, particularly with diverse anesthesia billing codes.

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Difficulties in justifying the medical necessity for specific treatments.

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Complications arise from healthcare providers' credentialing processes.


Challenges in accurately identifying the service locations and types of facilities.

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Lack of staff with specialized expertise in accounts receivable management.

Such issues commonly lead to ineffective interactions with insurance companies and suboptimal results, resulting in prolonged unresolved accounts receivable claims, often lasting more than 30 days.

Our service offers specialized solutions tailored to efficiently tackle and overcome these intricate challenges in pediatric AR management.

Enhance Your Pediatric Practice's Revenue with Tailored Accounts Receivable Services

Neglected accounts receivable can severely impact the financial stability of pediatric clinics. On
average, unattended receivables could lead to revenue losses around $10,000 monthly. Our
skilled AR team excels in recovering these funds with high efficiency.

Utilize our experienced pediatric AR professionals to manage your clinic's pending receivables effectively.

Receive comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly reports on your financial performance from our expert AR managers.

Take advantage of our adaptable pediatric account receivable services, tailored to meet the unique requirements of your clinic.

Focus on reducing your overdue accounts (60, 90, and 120+ days) to improve your collection processes.

Addressing a Common Misconception

While Electronic Health Records (EHRs) might seem cost-effective, charging only about 2% of collections, they can miss critical aspects of AR management like eligibility checks and accurate coding. Understanding the full scope of EHR functionalities beyond just claim submission is crucial! In Pursuit of Tangible Results? Our commitment is to turn our assurances into measurable, concrete outcomes.

Get Tailored Support for Your Pediatric Accounts Receivable Challenges.

Applying MGMA Standards and Essential Metrics in Pediatric Accounts Receivable Services

Our approach integrates 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from a total of 15, meticulously analyzing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) with an emphasis on pediatric account receivable services.

Benchmark Standards for A/R Days:

35 or less A/R days = Good or High performance

35-50 A/R days = Average Performance

Recognizing the impact of filing delays is vital, as they can hinder the resolution of unsettled AR. Accounts that stay in AR for over 90 or 120+ days significantly diminish the likelihood of successful claim recovery.

Key Metrics Comprise:

A/R Days

Monitors the average time to resolve Accounts Receivables. Averages above 50 days generally signify below-average performance.

First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)

Evaluates the success rate of resolving claims on the first submission.

Gross Collection Rate (GCR)

Tracks the proportion of the total billed amount that is effectively collected.

Net Collection Rate (NCR)

Concentrates on the percentage of collectible revenue that is actually obtained.

Percentage of A/R Over 60 Days

Assesses the portion of Accounts Receivables remaining unpaid for more than 60 days.

Collections per Visit

Calculates the average revenue generated per patient visit.

Contractual Variance

Measures the difference between expected payment amounts as per contracts and the actual payments received.

CleAR - Advancing AR Management Through AI-Enhanced Automation

CleAR is revolutionizing Accounts Receivable management by simplifying complex tasks into more streamlined, effective procedures. Our AI-driven system enhances your collection efforts and cuts down costs.

  • AI-Powered AR Data Analysis and Categorization: Utilizes AI to quickly identify receivables that require immediate attention.
  • AI Voice AssistantStreamlines communications with insurance/payer systems, expediting connection to human agents
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed reports including Aged Trial Balance (ATB), Open Balance Report (OBR), and Denial Analysis.
  • Robust Security Measures:Protects your AR management data with sophisticated, layered security protocols.
  • Improved Team Collaboration:Enhances transparency and comprehension of data, promoting better teamwork across departments.
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Improving Patient Care with AI-Enhanced Pediatric Accounts Receivable Services

Combine the human touch with the precision of AI in our advanced pediatric accounts receivable services. This fusion elevates patient involvement in their healthcare and reduces the typical delays in wait times.

Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing
  • Patient-Centric Services:Our AR team, focusing on patient needs, improves both communication and collection processes.
  • AI-Aided Financial Engagement:Utilizes AI for more efficient patient financial interactions and support.
  • Efficient Patient Billing: Detailed billing statements with integrated collection features for ease of use.
  • Customized Payment Plans: Provides patients with payment options tailored to their financial situations.

Revolutionizing Patient Payment Collections through Automation

Transform your patient payment collection process with our automated system, enhancing transparency and decision-making. Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) streamlines the collection process.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlines payment methods, saving time and resources.
  • Resource-Optimized Operations: Automates routine tasks, allowing for a focus on more critical functions.
  • Strong Data Security:Protects patient information with advanced electronic security measures.
  • Timely Payment Encouragement: Customized reminders prompt patients for timely payments.
  • Improved Communication Clarity: Clearly outlines payment details, reducing patient confusion and follow-up questions.

Our AI bots handle these tasks efficiently, engaging with patients in a convenient and effective manner.

Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing

Boost Team Productivity with Sophisticated Voice AI Technology

Our Voice AI system streamlines phone interactions, enabling your team to focus on critical tasks. Eliminate long wait times and the hassle of dealing with various health plans and payer phone systems.




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