Pediatric AR Calling Support

Liquidate AR quicker and discover hidden pockets of revenue. 24/7 AR resolution services.

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Capture hard to collect payments in the most effective way possible

Quick question: Do you get paid for the work you do?

According to a survey by MGMA, 1 in 3 claims go unpaid. Thrive in the lean value-based business models of today by restructuring your pediatric group’s AR processes. Because not doing so is a costly mistake.

With the powerful combination of technology-enabled operations, round the clock workflow and professional services BillingParadise offers pediatric receivable management and follow up services that strengthen your hospital’s financial performance.

With our pediatric AR resolution services you can…

  • Reduce AR backlogs
  • Improve AR collection practices

Is your team only chasing top dollar claims?

It happens. But in the long run, overlooking claims with small dollar value is going to add up to a huge sum. Leverage the power of a 24x7 process. AR analysis is performed by offshore day time and follow-up is done during onshore business hours. This reduces follow up time with insurance carriers and expedites reimbursement.

OIG compliant pediatric focused AR recovery teams

Our pediatric-focused AR recovery team whittle down on AR effortlessly. We also provide an account specific SPOC for every account signed up. We comply with all the regulations mandated by OIG for third party billing companies.

We ensure compliance and top of the line quality through:

  • Entry level Training Programs
  • Refresher programs for Skill enhancement
  • Stringent Evaluation methods
  • Continuing Education sessions based on HFMA & HBMA courses