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8+ years of experienced AR calling experts

AI and Automation

AI-enabled accounts receivable automation that reduces manual work burden

MGMA Benchmarking

Allows you to get notified immediately when AR crosses the threshold

OBGYN Claims Recovery

Recover 98% of all pending AR claims within weeks

Collect More and Faster

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Experience in the industry

BillingParadise has 15+ years of experience in working with Hospital, health systems and Hospital.

Image illustrating the number of calls per year or call volume

More calls = more $$ collected

Our team of 150+ AR callers ensure your AR management services are super-efficient. We make 1701000 calls annually.

Illustration showcasing MGMA certification for Accounts Receivable (AR) services

HFMA Standards

All our AR management services meet and exceed HFMA benchmarks. We have developed tools based on HFMA benchmarks.

Speed Up Collections With Insurance AR Recovery Services for Medical Groups

Keeping up with uncollected aged AR claims can lead to a $10,000 revenue loss a month for specialties. Let our experienced AR recovery solutions recover your lost revenue with the finest skills

  • Use our AR callers to deal with aged AR while your in-house staff works on current AR.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting by your finest AR supervisors.
  • Scalable and flexible accounts receivable management experts.
  • Reduce your 60, 90, and 120+ AR days and improve collections within weeks.

Get Specialized support to deal with all these AR complications.

Unmasking the Myth

Outsourcing companies may promise low-cost services as low as 2% fees from your collections but do not work on crucial piling up accounts receivables and overlook other aspects like eligibility checks and coding accuracy. You are not paying them for just filing a claim!

Need real results? Our expertise turns promises into performance.

CleAR AI Accounts Receivable Automation Workflow

MGMA Industry Standard Benchmark and KPIs that Eradicate AR

“Timely filing dangers when figuring out how to solve pending AR is a risk. Exceeding 90 or even 120+ days AR can reduce your chances of minimizing the claim reimbursement recovery.”

We employ a comprehensive approach with over 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our detailed 15 KPI model meticulously monitors virtually every aspect of RCM processes, with a particular focus on healthcare AR recovery services.

While calculating the AR days the following KPI metric is used as a benchmark

35 or fewer A/R days = Good or High performance

35-50 A/R days = Average Performance

Key Indicators Include

A/R Days

The number of days outstanding in Accounts Receivables, where 50 or more days typically indicate below-average or poor performance.

First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)

This measures the efficiency of resolving claims on the first attempt.

Gross Collection Rate (GCR)

This KPI tracks the total percentage of payments collected from the billed amount.

Net Collection Rate (NCR)

This indicator focuses on the percentage of collectible revenue that's collected.

Percentage of A/R Older than 60 Days

This metric assesses the proportion of Accounts Receivables that have been outstanding for over 60 days.

Collections per Visit

This measures the average revenue collected per patient visit.

Contractual Variance

This KPI tracks the differences between contracted payment amounts and actual payments received.

CleAR - AI AR Recovery Automation

You are no longer unclear of uncollected AR because CleAR is here. Save Time and reduce the cost of collecting with a single AI

Analyzes and Isolates AR Data: Automatically isolates high-risk receivables

AI Voice Assistance: Bypass Insurance/payer IVR system and directly reach reps.

In-depth reports: ATB (Aged Trial Balance), OBR (Open Balance Report), Denial Report

Highly secure: Your AR management data is held in multiple layers of security.

Happy teams: Increase the accessibility and visibility of your data enabling better cross-departmental workflows.

Enhance your team's efficiency with voice AI technology

Voice AI takes care of the tedious phone call process, allowing your employees to concentrate on the most important interactions. Say goodbye to endless hold music and confusing phone navigation of health plans and payers.




Phone IVR navigation










Agent Connect



Dedicated 24/7 accounts receivable (AR) team at Billing Paradise, ensuring round-the-clock support for revenue management

Reduce the Frustration of Patients With Patient Old AR Recovery Services

Combine human touch with AI intelligence by allowing your patients to engage more with the care process with our patient Old AR Recovery Services and AI solutions. Your patients no longer need to stay on hold

  • Serve and collect from patients easily with our patient-friendly AR team
  • Enhance the financial journey of your Patients with AI-enabled patient follow-ups and support
  • Automated patient statements that have an inbuilt collection feature
  • Assisting patients in discovering their convenient payment plans

Patient Collections Automation

Eliminate barriers within your Patient Payment Collections teams and enhance visibility and decision-making for improving patient collections of your organization. Achieve this through seamless end-to-end EHR integration of patient payment collections automation.

  • Efficiency Boost - Eliminate manual payment processes to save time and resources.
  • Cost Savings - Redirect valuable resources to more critical tasks with our automated system.
  • Top-Tier Security - Ensure patient data protection through secure electronic channels.
  • Prompt Payment Incentives - Tailored reminders increase the likelihood of on-time payments.
  • Clear Communication - Consolidate payment information to avoid patient confusion.

Patients can get frustrated over multiple calls and follow-ups. Have our Automated AI bots do this tedious task that can follow up with patients according to their preferred pace.

Comprehensive training programs by Billing Paradise, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge for efficient healthcare billing

Eliminate Patient Demographics Errors That lead to Piled-up Aged or Old AR

Did you know that 35% of all pending and denied claims in aged or old AR are due to incorrect patient data and eligibility information?

Put a stop to these unnecessary errors with patient insurance card readers and verification AI. Quickly scan insurance cards from 20,000+ plan types and 4,000+ national carriers, verifying patient health insurance in just 5 seconds.

Features and Benefits

AI Insurance Card and ID Capture

Optimizes image quality for accurate OCR results, capturing insurance and legal ID data, including eSignatures.

Real-time Insurance Verification

Instantly identifies patient copayments, plan limitations, and eligibility, facilitating efficient coverage validation.

Customized Intake Processes

Tailored forms and automated workflows for benefit verifications and authorizations, reducing errors and redundancies.

Streamlined Patient and Provider Experience

Offers seamless check-in, clear cost responsibilities, and secure payment processing for copayments and past balances.

Enhanced Productivity for Office Staff

Minimizes manual tasks and errors, improving administrative efficiency and staff retention.

Results that will make you woah!


Reduction in Manual Work Hours


Increase in Collections


Decrease in AR


Increase in Productivity


Reduction in Bad Debts Write Off

Experienced Over 30+ EHRs, EMRs and PMS

We Adapt to your EHR as Migrating Data can be a Tedious Task

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