Full cycle RCM management company based out of Ontario

We know the top 6 questions on your mind!

  • 1. Do you work with my peers?

    Yes. We offer medical billing and revenue cycle management services to 30+ medical practices in Ontario.

  • 2. Can I have a conversation with one of your clients based in Ontario?

    You sure can. We provide contact details upon request and also place you on call with our clients.

  • 3. Can I meet your team?

    We'd love to meet up with you as well. We can also provide FTEs who will work in your premises. You can call any of our medical billers, coders and EHR experts anytime you need assistance.

  • 4. Do you understand the billing regulations of California?

    Yes, we do. Since we are based in California and have a huge client base here, we are well-versed with the billing regulations and norms of California.

  • 5. Do you offer contract negotiation support?

    We are in your corner. Our contract negotiation experts negotiate with insurance companies to revise your fee schedules and increase net revenue. You can be assured of better performing and stronger contracts with our specialist contract negotiation team. And the fact that we know the insurer billing regulations of California backwards and forwards gives us a definite edge.

  • 6. Do you keep up with Medicare fee schedule updates?

    We track and revise our billing procedures according to the latest Medicare fee schedule for the state of California. We have developed a unique tool that automatically monitors and updates fee schedules and runs comparison reports. You can try it out here.

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Ontario Medical Billing Services
  • Do you want to work with a medical billing company that is just a few paces away from you?
  • Do you want to work with revenue management experts who understand state specific billing regulations and standards?
  • Would you like to work with a billing firm that offers you the comfort of an in-house biller and the cost advantage of working with an offsite team?
  • Are you tired of seeing your revenue curve headed south and need to make quick amends?

We are a medical billing and full cycle RCM company based out of Ontario. Headquartered in California BillingParadise has a strong presence across Ontario. We understand the billing regulations of your state. We work with healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties. We Don’t hang out with you on breaks. And that’s the only difference you are going to notice. We offer you the comfort of working with an in-house biller with the cost efficiency of working with an off-site team.

Opening Hours

  • Sunday - Saturday
  • 24-hrs
  • Phone Number
  • (888)-571-9069
  • Address
  • 23441 Golden Springs Drive,
    #346, Diamond Bar, California

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"I feel like my practice has made a great come back. From dipping into my pocket to pay staff to running a successfull practice once again, this feels like a dream. Thanks to your team"

- Dr.Glen, a cardiologist based in California

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The smart way to track financial data is here!

Reporting tool for RCM

Don't get lost in a maze of financial reports that convey nothing. theBillingBridge is a realtime revenue reporting tool specifically built for medical practices based in California. Track KPIs, make financial forecasts, monitor contracts and communicate effortlessly with our billers all within a few taps. It is extremely user friendly and takes little over 15 minutes to get used to.

Manage all your revenue reporting and data mining needs within our secure application. It takes up very little space and helps you smartly track your financial data on the move.

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Here is the route map to reach us!

Do you need directions to come from Ontario to the BillingParadise office at California? Don’t stop to ask for directions. Here’s help!

Ontario, CA, USA
19.7 km. About 17 mins
1.Head west on Euclid Ave toward Euclid Ave
3.6 km
2.Turn right onto the Pomona/CA-60 W ramp to Los Angeles
0.4 km
3.Merge onto CA-60 W
14.2 km
4.Take exit 26 for Diamond Bar Blvd toward CA-57 N
0.5 km
5.Turn left onto N Diamond Bar Blvd
0.8 km
6.Turn right onto Golden Springs Dr
Destination will be on the right
0.2 km
BillingParadise 23441 Golden Springs Dr #346, Diamond Bar, CA 91765, USA

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