Effortless Patient Payment Solution

BillingParadise's Patient Payment Solution

This innovative tool creates a hassle free experience for patients during collections & guarantees effortless revenue.

Patient Appointment Scheduling Service

Generally, a patient gets treated by the provider and their insurance covers a certain percentage of the cost and the rest is transferred as out of pocket expense determined by the provider & the patient's carrier contract. This method guarantees reimbursement for services rendered. However, sometimes a patient forgets to fulfill their end of the bill or is reluctant to make payment, following which the collections team steps in and collects payment. This method might guarantee payment but it takes a lot of time and creates a lot of hassle for the patient, making the entire collection process time-consuming, cumbersome and ultimately not very effective.

BillingParadise's Patient Payment Solution Tool creates a smooth collection experience for the patient, which results in timely collections and a stable cash flow.

Though our tool aggressively chases your collections and ensures that you are reimbursed on time, it creates a collection experience as pleasant as possible. The tool connects with the patient at just the right time and at the precise platform, where the patient is most approachable. All of this is possible because the tool is fully automated and uses state-of-the-art predictive analysis and tailors the best experience for the patient.

Patients undergo a lot of pain and inconvenience to get the treatment they require at the right time & still miss their appointments. Employ BillingParadise's AppointmentBridge and ensure that your patients are always punctual.

Why Choose BillingParadise's Patient Payment Solution?

This is the only tool in the current market that provides an overall positive experience to the patient guaranteeing timely and effortless reimbursement. We are able to achieve this by incorporating compassion ideology based features:

We don't concentrate more on the patient rather than their due

We aid the patients in every way possible to ensure that they make their payments on time. We connect to your patients in a very personalized manner, we let patients make payments per their choice of transaction mode. We accommodate their needs as well as the organizations.

Complete Patient Engagement

Sometimes, patients feel reluctant to pay their bills as they have no clue as to how and for what the charges were applied. We also provide solutions to aid the patient in making their payments on time. This feature aids in explaining to the patient in real time about the charges applied on their bills. It also acts as a general FAQ centre to solve the patients queries.

Smart Automated Reminders

Combining machine learning and predictive analysis the software connects you to the patient in the most effective way. Every patient is unique and so are their preferences. The software takes all those preferences into account and connects you to the patient when they are most approachable. Complete integration across all platforms enables you & your collectors to receive timely payments.

Pay Through Any Platform

At times, a patient might only be able to pay through certain point-of-sale modes and having a standard mode creates a lot of complications for the patient. The only solution to ease the payment experience is to provide a system that can integrate across all systems and collect payment from any mode of transaction.

Extensive Customization

Every organization & healthcare practice has their own needs. For example, some prefer to have a centralized dashboard for all incorporated practices under them and some prefer individual dashboards. All your preferences are BillingParadise's highest priority. We offer you a personalized and customizable experience, tailored to match your needs.

Exclusive Benefits In Choosing Our Product

  • Guaranteed on time payments from patients
  • Centralized platform to view and live track payments
  • Engage with your patients in a convenient manner
  • Complete integration of payment platforms provides the patients with payment options
  • Complete interoperability provided
  • Turnkey software solution
  • User friendly and cost effective
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BillingParadise's patient payment solution guarantees timely reimbursement through a no-hassle workflow

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