Comprehensive Audit Toolkit

BillingParadise's ClaimBridge Features

Deploy BillingParadise’s claim audit tool and ensure that your claims meet the requisite quality standard every single time.

BillingParadise’s claim audit tool

ClaimBridge employs these features & meets your auditing demands at 100%

Claims audit should be a mandatory process in your current RCM cycle to ensure reimbursement of services rendered. A claims audit should conclusively determine if the claim can be sent for processing or if any appendation is required before submission. To do an audit manually is expensive, time consuming & a waste of your valuable manual resource.

The ClaimBridge is BillingParadise’s effective solution for the cumbersome claims auditing process. It thoroughly analyzes your claims and proffers up a comprehensive audit report that would provide all the requisite information along with appropriate flags in case of errors.

Efficiently search and filter data with Claim Bridge software for streamlined claim management

Swift Data Searching, Sorting & Filtering

This feature enables the tool to definitively search and analyse all the key areas of the claim. It reviews the claim for missing or incorrect information and scans the entire page for even the slightest errors. Any compliance mishaps are immediately flagged & reported. It also allows you to review the audit process in real time using the sorting and filtering option. This option also aids the tool to conduct a thorough search for all the pertinent details that should be p[resent in a claim.

Audit icon representing thorough claim analysis in Claim Bridge software

Standardized Audit

ClaimBridge employs standard audit templates which provide all pertinent information with regards to the claim. However, the templates are customizable to your preferences. The audit reports provided to you meet every audit standard and quality benchmark set. The information on these reports are so precise & accurate that it provides a definitive result on whether the claim if submitted as is will be processed or denied. This tool also generates an estimate on the reimbursable amount for each claim and the amount can be compared with the invoice statements that you have received.

Claim Bridge software - easily accessible from anywhere, anytime for convenient claim management

Always Available & Easily Accessible

This tool being online is easily accessible across any platform. It can integrate with all payor network systems and your current system seamlessly and function at maximum optimization. The tool interface is extremely convenient to use, the tool comes with a detailed dashboard which employs interoperability, creating a centralized system and shows you the status of each individual claim and all this is displayed in the sleekest design. All claims are accessible and can be live-tracked and progress can be noted in real time.

Comprehensive audit reports in Claim Bridge software for accurate and thorough claim analysis

Audit Reports On Demand

You can get/check the audit report of any claim individually or in batches at any time. Based on your necessity any claim(s) that need to be audited immediately will be done within an instant. Once the claims that you require are selected for audit reports the tool immediately integrates with your system and per your selection the audit process kicks in and delivers the required result forthwith.

Claim Bridge software - Access valuable resources and guides for efficient claim management

Conserves Valuable Resources

This tool is based online and is automated. It aids you in conserving your manual resources. It also saves long & tedious hours of conventional auditing which generally produce reports of sub-par quality. The automation feature eliminates the use of manual resources and produces reports that meet the quality benchmark. It also promotes a paperless approach which aids in preserving natural resources.

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