Creative Ways to Boost Revenue – Insights from 42 Health System Leaders

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42 Health System Leaders Expert Round-Up to Boost Revenue Using Creative Ways 

Amidst the challenges faced by healthcare systems, such as the significant rise in contract labor costs and financial strains, it has become crucial to think innovatively to improve profitability. 

In this regard, 42 health system leaders share insights on creative ways to boost revenue and the most valuable technological investments their systems have made in the past two years. 

As part of an ongoing series, Becker’S has conducted interviews with health system leaders who will be presenting at the conference. They provide insights on how their health systems plan to creatively boost revenue over the next two years.

Randolph Siwabessy. CFO at UCI Health (Orange, Calif.): UCI Health system creative ways to boost revenue through the opening of a new Irvine campus, including a state-of-the-art ambulatory building and a cancer center. They will also improve operational efficiency, seek innovative payment models, and focus on population health management and value-based care.

David L. Reich. President at The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens (New York): Mount Sinai focuses on revenue opportunities through programs such as the 340B program optimization, theranostics, and growth in complex procedural services. They also utilize AI-powered clinical decision support and expand their Hospital-At-Home programs.

Seth Jeremy Katz. Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management at University Health KC (Kansas City, Mo.): University Health KC sees creative ways to boost revenue by leveraging price transparency data files and obtaining better rates for their services.

Robin Damschroder. Executive Vice President and CFO at Henry Ford Health (Detroit): Henry Ford Health is doubling down on optimization of their front door transformation, home-based care strategies, and expanding care models to serve more patients in the community.

James M. Blum, MD, FCCM. Chief Medical Information Officer at University of Iowa Health Care (Iowa City): University of Iowa Health Care prioritizes the enhancement of operational efficiency while embracing the advancements in telemedicine and virtual technologies.

Zafar Chaudry, MD, MS, MIS, MBA, CITP. Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, and CIO at Seattle Children’s: Seattle Children’s implements various strategies, including redesigning medical notes, RCM automation in the revenue cycle, IT application rationalization, and streamlining administrative processes.

Josh Cutler, MSW, LICSW. Director of Behavioral Health and Well Being at Kinwell Medical Group (Seattle): Kinwell Medical Group introduces value-based care contracts incentivizing reduced ER visits, high-quality chronic condition management, and comprehensive nutrition and behavioral health services.

James Lindgren. Executive Director of Revenue Cycle Systems Optimization at University of Miami (Fla.) Health: University of Miami Health focuses on personalizing the patient experience, growing its workforce and geographic footprint, and making strategic investments in new facilities.

Par Bolina, MD. CEO at Calarity (Nashville, Tenn.): Calarity emphasizes the transformative changes to clinical documentation guidelines and workflow efficiency as an opportunity to increase revenue and improve patient safety.

Isaiah Nathaniel. Vice President and CIO at Delaware Valley Community Health (Philadelphia): Delaware Valley Community Health looks to creative ways to boost revenue through patient enrollment in their self-monitoring blood pressure program, enhancing clinical quality measures, and providing quality care.

Sunil Dadlani. CIO at Atlantic Health System (Morristown, N.J.): Atlantic Health System focuses on continuous improvements, innovation, partnerships, RCM automation, and implementing value-based care models to increase revenue and address social inequities.

Chris Bergman. Vice President and CFO at Dayton (Ohio) Children’s Hospital: Dayton Children’s Hospital generates revenue through renting capacity to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, optimizing observation patient processes, and expanding their capitated Medicaid product.

Richard Zane, MD. Chief Innovation Officer at UCHealth (Aurora, Colo.): UCHealth aims to break the cost curve and creative ways to boost revenue generation through investments in technology, value-based care, and population health management.

Craig Norquist, MD. Chief Medical Information Officer at HonorHealth (Scottsdale, Ariz.): HonorHealth aims to optimize referral systems, automate scheduling processes, and improve data-driven decision-making to enhance patient experience and keep patients within the system.

Shenny Sheth. Deputy CISO at Centura Health (Centennial, Colo.): Centura Health focuses on the innovative business and digital solutions, including mergers and integrations, AI and RCM automation, and secure, consumer-oriented designs to drive growth and improve patient-provider relationships.

Nadim Ilbawi, MD. Physician Director of Innovation and Care Models at NorthShore Edward-Elmhurst Hospital (Warrenville, Ill.): NorthShore Edward-Elmhurst Hospital plans to commercialize their genomics expertise, partner with start-ups, and invest in early-stage companies to create new revenue streams.

Phillip L. Coule, MD, MBA. Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Augusta (Ga.) University Health System: Augusta University Health System focuses on growing high-margin service lines, leveraging digital healthcare solutions, and optimizing patient admission criteria to increase revenue and improve patient care.

John Heitner, MD. Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at NYU Langone Health and Director of Physician Network Development at Brooklyn Region: NYU Langone Health expands its geographical reach to cover NYC residents during travel seasons by expanding its footprint in Long Island and Florida.

Rebecca Wiesner. Director of IT Applications at HonorHealth (Scottsdale, Ariz.): HonorHealth focuses on innovation and RCM automation to provide care in new and affordable ways, improve the revenue cycle experience, and enhance the quality of care.

Crystal Broj. Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston): Medical University of South Carolina aims to improve the patient journey by providing online services, seamless integration for follow-up care, and transparent payment options to increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

Robert Young, MD. Vice President of Patient Financial Service at AltaMed (Commerce, Calif.): AltaMed invests in technology to automate the statements process and improve Medi-Cal retention rates.

Ally Deale. Director of Patient Access Operations at Luminis Health (Annapolis, Md.): Luminis Health enhances front-end patient processes, redefines patient access roles, and incorporates innovative technology to improve point-of-service collections and patient education.

Mary Daymont, RN, MSN, CCM, FAAN. Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Care Management at Children’s National Hospital (Washington, D.C.): Children’s National Hospital adopts front-end artificial intelligence, employs front-end bots, and integrates a digital billing platform in order to decrease denials, enhance revenue, and boost self-pay post-insurance.

Russell Horton, DO. Medical Director of Clinical Innovation at Banner Innovation Group as part of Banner Health (Phoenix): Banner Health focuses on growing healthcare networks and insurance plans to increase revenue and provide necessary services and coverages.

Jim Zuran. Regional Vice President of Revenue Excellence at Loyola University Health System (Chicago): Loyola University Health System aims to improve revenue cycle fundamentals, enhance patient access accuracy and efficiency, and hold payers accountable for fair practices to accelerate payment and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Ash Goel, MD. Senior Vice President and CIO at Bronson Healthcare Group (Battle Creek, Mich.): Bronson Healthcare Group focuses on consumer alignment, operational efficiencies, and cross-industry partnerships to drive revenue growth and optimize service delivery resources.

Tara Nooteboom, Head of Consumer Digital Strategy at UCI Health (Irvine, Calif.): Our growth strategy includes focusing on patient retention and relationships through digital communications, personalized outreach, CRM, and a coherent brand experience to drive loyalty and meet consumer health needs.

Joel Klein, MD, Senior Vice President and CIO at University of Maryland Medical System (Baltimore): We have creative ways to boost revenue by addressing challenges like denials, documentation requests, pre-authorization, and automating tasks. We are also making it easier for patients to pay their co-pays and deductibles and implementing consistent and efficient processes.

Dhaval Desai, MD, Director of Hospital Medicine at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital (Atlanta): We are streamlining patient hospitalization, reducing the length of stay, and ensuring safe transitions and discharges. We are also focusing on being ambassadors for the hospital, facilitating transfers, admitting direct referrals, and ensuring high patient satisfaction.

Laura Smith, CIO at UnityPoint Health (West Des Moines, Iowa): We are actively exploring avenues for intelligent RCM automation to enhance efficiency and productivity, with a specific focus on surgical and clinical domains. This endeavor enables us to expand our capacity to care for a larger number of patients within the communities we serve.

Raymond Lowe, Senior Vice President and CIO at AltaMed (Commerce, Calif.): We focus on value-based care, expanding care management infrastructure, population health, and social determinants of health. We also prioritize data excellence and use analytics to drive performance incentives and reduce costs.

Kevin Makati, MD, President and CEO at Tampa (Fla.) Cardiac Specialists: Strategies include developing Medicare Advantage plans, maximizing value-based purchasing, and leveraging technology for AI, patient satisfaction, care delivery standardization, and supply chain improvement.

Michael Hasselberg, PhD, Chief Digital Health Officer at University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center: We invest in partnerships with industry, leveraging our flexibility and intellectual capital to validate and develop industry technologies for improved patient care and revenue approaches.

Jawad Khan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Tufts Medicine (Boston): We focus on reducing the length of stay, improving access, optimizing physician scheduling, and implementing technology solutions to enhance patient care and revenue.

Liz Fulford, MSN, RN, Executive Director of Case Management at Community Health Network (Indianapolis): We leverage virtual care to increase access and improve patient care and safety.

Stacey Johnston, MD, MHA, Vice President and Chief Application Officer at Baptist Health (Jacksonville, Fla.): We evaluate vendors and technologies to decrease the length of stay and cost of care while focusing on standardization and efficient workflows.

Sandra Bossi, Senior Director of Care Delivery Innovation at Hospital for Special Surgery (New York City): We commercialize our intellectual property and collaborate with partners to scale clinical practices and generate revenue globally.

Denise Huffman, Director Middle Revenue Cycle at Hennepin Healthcare (Minneapolis): We address front-end registration and authorization errors, implement prior authorization technology, and focus on RCM automation and denial management for revenue growth.

Daniel Uzupis, CIO at Jefferson County Health Center: Instead of pursuing creative ways to boost revenue, we prioritize improving quality care through automation, telehealth, and telemedicine to meet the needs of our rural community.


Katie Barr, RN, MSN. System Vice President and Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Advocate Health (Charlotte, N.C): Advocate Health aims to increase revenue by capitalizing on telehealth adoption, leveraging technology for efficiency, and focusing on value-based care.


Vicki Brown. Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Lubbock (Texas) Heart Hospital: Lubbock Heart Hospital enhances pre-authorization and patient access processes to increase patient collections and reduce outstanding accounts receivable.


Kristie Henson. Regional Revenue Cycle Director at Sentara Leigh Hospital (Norfolk, Va.): Sentara Leigh Hospital plans to implement a centralized pre-certification department, collect payments at the point of service, and explore self-pay collections through partnerships.


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