Mobile Technology, EHR and Patient Satisfaction – The Obligatory Factors for a Successful Clinical Practice.

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Does your practice need a change ?

If you own a medical practice and deem that lack of advanced technology is hindering your workflow and stifling your reimbursements, this is the article that enlightens your scope for competitive care delivery and business development.

Why the change is required ?

The healthcare policies across the U.S. and the technological advancements are shoving the physicians to gear-up their tech-savviness for rapid and enhanced healthcare delivery to serve the patients. Despite this, cost involved in the implementation of mhealth and electronic health records (EHR) is a common setback for most practices. But once implemented, these factors would aid you save time and money together culminating in an improved patient care without a compromise in your profits.

The EHR – mHealth Twain

Recently, CMS gave an update on the EHR Incentive Program, reporting 424,000+ active registrations (eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and critical access hospitals) as of end of September 2013. Some reports highlight that in 2014, as mHealth swings into the prominence, healthcare entities will be obliged to realize and accept patient-provided data across-the-board. Thus, the switch-over is increasing towards digitalized healthcare practice across the U.S.

Strategies to improve your practice’s stance

1.Picture perfect workflow

Intersecting the mobile technology and clinical workflow is not a tough nut to crack. But, formulation of a tailored strategy that suits your practice is much vital. Mobile tablets aid the physicians and other healthcare staff to click and access the recent and imperative patient information for instantaneous evaluation of the patients across various clinical (specialty consultation and surgery) and non-clinical (lab, imaging, pharmacy, etc.) departments. The information captured by the team is then incorporated and compiled into the hospital’s/ clinic’s EHR data to facilitate generate actionable knowledge.

2.Care co-ordination

Care Coordination can be defined as a patient-centered, measurement guided, team-based action plan formulated to please the patient needs together with personal/ family counseling.

Three facets of a care coordination scaffold:

  • Cloud-based platforms: Cloud-based platform (Integration platform as a service or IPaaS) integrates the clinical data and process, and permits all the members of the care-coordination team and families to efficiently distribute and access information. Besides, it offers real-time data transmission to buttress clinical decision-making.
  • Edification: Online engagements through webinars, talent-replenishment programs, etc. could augment the knowledge of all healthcare stakeholders from clinicians to patients – with respect to the advanced technologies like EHR, mhealth, etc. Thus, the care delivery, medication specificity, patient compliance and satisfaction could be augmented.
  • Rewarding: Recognizing and rewarding the caregivers for the espousal of new electronic health and mobile health technologies aid your practice survive and shine in a better way.

3.ROI – the ultimate need

Dr. Will Morris, MD, Associate CMIO of Cleveland Clinic also stated that “EHR and mobile tools are essential for the transformation into state-of-the-art managing care”.

Further to the implementation of EHR and mobile technology, the measurement of ROI on these entities is a vital assignment. Benchmarking, tracking and optimizing the tools-based process are extremely important for triumphant care management. Many entrepreneurs and business tycoons deem that exploiting electronic and mobile technologies are driving better outcomes.

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