How to Improve productivity transparency for Hospitals to Achieve Optimal Revenue

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Importance of Productivity Transparency in Hospital 

Measuring productivity plays a major part in all hospitals. In services oriented tracking productivity and quality is key to identifying the growth and performance of that hospital. Healthcare RCM and medical billing have the same scenario where the operations and the staff needs to be monitored on a daily basis to understand the quality of work and provide training if there is any room for improvement.

The greatest challenge the medical groups and hospitals face is that their in-house medical billing department or the medical billing outsourcing vendors are not transparent enough for the medical group’s management such as practice owners, CFOs, and practice managers to determine the performance of the medical practice and focus on the growth of their business.

Why transparency of productivity and quality data is essential?

Productivity and quality data transparency is a way to improve hospital or medical groups’ human resource utilization. This is because having enough data facilitates the development of processes of the medical practices, ensures that RCM staff and medical billers have the right orientation of revenue cycle, allows for better staff coordination, and ultimately saves time and money.

How to make the productivity and quality data of medical billers be transparent?

There are various ways we can have the productivity and quality data of medical billers be transparent:

  1. Manual reports.
  2. Automated reports.
  3. Platforms.

Manual reports:

Manual reports are old-school excel sheet reports where the billing supervisor gathers billing staff productivity on a daily weekly or monthly basis and shares it with management like CFOs, RCM directors, etc.

Automated Reports:

Automated reports are using the same manual methods by using your staff portal, however, detailed productivity information is not available as it only has basic features.


Now, this is the revolutionary way of tracking the productivity and quality of your medical billing and RCM staff. Our productivity platform Team Billing Bridge does the exact thing. All our medical billing and RCM staff will use this and update their products in the platform indicating the target number achieved for that particular day.

How TeamBillingBridge can make production and quality data transparent?

CFOs looking for complete transparency of medical billing staff productivity and quality, This platform is for you!

Teambillingbridge is a workflow and revenue cycle reporting platform that ticks the right boxes. Power all elements of your revenue cycle. Complex reports are tiresome. Teambillingbridge addresses all the key issues you face when it comes to automation, communication, and reporting. Without stupefying you with myriad reports. Steep learning curves. Or, one-sided conversations.

Teambillingbridge is easily navigable and beautifully designed, detailed revenue cycle reports, consolidate key financial metrics, and Provides multi-level drill-downs without tiring you. Prompt and meticulous performance reports. Set department-specific goals, view individual-level productivity data and raise the bar.


  • Project management: Raised tickets, scheduled events, queries requested, tasks assigned and completed, feedback, and document uploads are managed under the project management feature.
  • Reports: Demo, charge, insurance payments, patient payments, AR caller summary, AR analyst summary, rejection, Patient eligibility, coding, denial, audits, appeal reports, etc are generated in one click away in the reports feature.
  • Accounts receivables: Separate section for Account receivable process which includes AR benchmark standard aging, prioritized payer, patient, and provider claim to be followed up and the amount pended in AR buckets respectively.
  • KPIs: KPI Metrics provide detailed information on the entire RCM process listed under the workflow customized by the healthcare organization.
  • Production tracking: Production Tracking allows you to dive deeper into each segment of the RCM process such as charge entry, coding, eligibility verification, AR, and denial management, and monitor each department listed under the RCM process hierarchy suited to your healthcare practice needs.
  • Productivity comparison: Production Metrics provides clear information on the rate of productivity per person. It also eliminates errors and makes the way for quality and training.

To learn how our TeamBillingBridge platform changes data transparency in your healthcare practice, schedule a demo!

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