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BillingParadise's Patient Appointment Scheduling Service

Ensure Your Patients Get Their Treatment On Time & Never Forget An Appointment

Patient Appointment Scheduling Service

Ideally a patient requests for a visit and an appointment is set based on availability, risk factor and numerous other criterias. A patient visits the provider on the set date and receives treatment. But there is a flaw with this workflow. Studies show that more than 10% of the patients either fail to meet their appointment or show up late. Now it falls to the provider to remind the patients about their visit date. This creates a lot of hassle for the providers, in addition to providing quality care, the organization is now also responsible for making sure the patients attend. Sometimes a patient requires continuous engagement/ reminders to check in on the set date. This is not only tiresome but a lot of valuable resources are spent on this task.

BillingParadise's patient appointment scheduling software definitively solves this flaw and upgrades your current scheduling system into a full circle and end to end patient engagement system.

How We Equip You To Handle Scheduling Conflicts

Like all products & services provided by BillingParadise this software is designed to meet your needs in the most comprehensive manner. This software provides your patients with a personalized and full time engagement. It ensures that your patients never miss an appointment.

Our software is automated; all you would be required to do is input basic patient details and set up a visit date. The software will ensure that your patient meets their appointment date in a punctual manner. The software is capable of seamlessly integrating with your current system and is easily deployable.

Incases of large hospitals & organizations, a dedicated team of clinical staff is employed to cater to scheduling needs. This is expensive, time consuming and a waste of valuable resources, not to mention 75% of the patients prefer to book their appointments online. This software is best suited for them. It does not just handle scheduling conflicts, but the software is capable of wait room management which avoids long waiting periods resulting in a smooth workflow.

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Patients undergo a lot of pain and inconvenience to get the treatment they require at the right time & still miss their appointments. Employ BillingParadise's AppointmentBridge and ensure that your patients are always punctual.

Key Features

Online Appointment Booking

Patients prefer to make appointments online using their own personal devices with little to no effort on their part and our software meets this demand like a glove. Additionally this software saves you countless hours spent on following up & modifying appointments, not to mention more than necessary operational costs.

Automated Timely Appointment Reminders

Majority of the patients forget their appointments or come late. This hassle is resolved by our software by providing the patients with automatic timely reminders ensuring that the patient is always aware of the upcoming appointment. This ensures to a maximum extent that the patient will keep the appointment and be punctual.

Self Check In Option

Clinical staff is a valuable resource, that should be implemented for more important tasks than expended on simple check in of patients. This software provides the option of self check-in with patients. Deploying our software will aid you in redirecting your current self check in resources to much needed value oriented areas.

Waiting Room Management

No one likes a long wait period for any service, especially healthcare. Long wait times for much needed medical care is iresome to patients and highly stressful for the staff. The scheduling software is so thorough that it sets appointments in a way that manages the wait times to a reasonable amount.

Exclusive Advantages In Using Our Product

  • Complete end to end IT support for your scheduling needs
  • State-of-the-art automated software
  • Saves valuable staff resources
  • Creates a hassle free experience for all parties involved
  • Turnkey software solution
  • Immediately deployable
  • Seamlessly scalable
  • Cost effective
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BillingParadise's Patient Appointment Scheduling Service Is Your Definitive Solution To Manage Scheduling Conflicts

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