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Medical Billing Company

An EMR Medical Billing,Coding and RCM Service Provider

BillingParadise: What you should know about us:

  • We are a biller that has the experience and expertise to handle your medical practice's entire revenue cycle with personalized care.
  • We are available 24/7 to offer billing support
  • We are a biller that has experience and are experts in your EHR.
  • Let us show you the difference we bring to your bottom line!

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    A brief intro !

    BillingParadise is a pioneer in offering EHR centred revenue cycle management solutions. We zero down denials, increase collections, streamline your workflow and trim you operational costs and help you cut your working hours.

    Established in 2000, we have over 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry! We are headquartered in California with experts throughout the United States. We offer specialty and practice specific medical billing solutions.

    We offer the tools, technology and expertise that ensure automation, profitability and compliance!

    Our experts help you exceed your financial and compliance goals!

    • 7 expert RCM teams offering solutions that cover every aspect of your revenue cycle
    • Proven strategies that eliminate denials and aging AR
    • Robust CDM standardization and CCI edits
    • AAPC , CPC certified coders and code auditing team
    • ICD 10 and meaningful use guidance and support
    • Specialized billing support for ACOs
    • HL7 powered security infrastructure
    • Round the clock workflow
    • Account Manager assigned to each client for personalized point of contact

    We are experts in EHR centric billing services! We offer:

    Yes, we offer…

    Free EHR subscription offer…

    BillingParadise will pay your bill, you've read that right! Hundreds of medical practices have signed up for our free EMR/EHR subscription offer . We pay your monthly subscription fee for your EMR/EHR and save you thousands of dollars annually.

    Automate your workflow!

    Our technical team has created innovative applications for Android and iOS powered smartphones and tablets!

    Are Getting
    Medical Code Denials ?


    " My practice was always way behind schedule when it came to meeting compliance deadlines. Working with BillingParadise has been a relief. They are a business associate who understand and meet every compliance threshold making it easy for me. "
    -Terry Wilmer Family physician

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