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Why is this useful?

Not only do eligibility and benefits need to be verified, but it's also essential to identify any TPA, IPA, Workers Comp, or auto liability associated with the injury or illness for which the patient is being treated. In addition, it's crucial to verify the extent of covered services, any limitations, and other plan coverages such as secondary or HMOs.

Checking a patient's information thoroughly can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and it can be even more challenging when the insurance information is inaccurate. By incorporating Patient Eligibility Automation (RPA) for eligibility and benefits verification, the burden of manually searching various resources and insurance web portals can be eliminated. RPA bots can obtain the necessary information in just 1-2 minutes, and keep the eligibility status up to date in your Electronic Health Record (EHR). This ensures that when a patient returns for another visit, there is no need to educate them about their benefits, as the information will already be up to date.

How is this useful?

Calculating automation costs and the time taken will help your medical group to get insights on the implementation of Patient Eligibility Automation (RPA) for your manual patient eligibility and benefits verification process.

The Benefits Of Automating Your Patient Eligibility using Robotic Process Automation


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Accuracy / Quality


Operations cost savings


Decrease in Claim Denial Rates


Decrease in Regulatory Compliance Issues

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