Denial Management Services for Hospitals

Collect More and Faster

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Specialist teams

BillingParadise has specialist variance teams who are handled denial worklists based on their expertise.

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48 hours

Line item denials and denials that are caused due to information errors are resolved and resubmitted within 2 days.

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Recoup more

Recover more revenue and recapture money lost due to underpayments. Lower your denial rate in the long run.

Our Hospital Denial Management Service Workflow

Denial Manager gives complete and immediate visibility into each claim and denial

 Hospital AR Management Service

Calculate your Hospital Denial status in 3 mins

Do you know how much money you are leaving on the table? Find out

Calculate your Denials

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Our Hospital Denial Management Service Highlights

AR caller with security

All denials are routed to the denial analysis department. Denials are segregated into line item and full denials

insights ideas

DenialAnalyzer, our denial management and reporting app, gives you realtime insights

automation calling

All claims are categorized into different follow-up groupings.


We work with all federal and commercial payers and have strong knowledge of their payment mechanisms

Graph decrease with save money

Redundant processes are automated. This cuts back on cycle times. Recover money faster.

search of money

Software that identifies, isolates, quantifies and categorizes denials to help you lower your denial rate and spot revenue leakage sources.

Know more about Our Denial Software
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Hospital's who sign service level agreements with BillingParadise can be assured of year-over-year improvement in yield. To drive movement towards best practice, we use MGMA MAP keys to compare performance of your denials and set targets against industry standards.

Denial software

Review repeated denials at a glance

It eliminates the need to run multiple reports. View Denial summaries at a glance

Denial tool

Captures and identifies denial reasons

DenialManager prevents repeated claim denials

Denial system

Run comparison reports

Compare each denied claim against a comprehensive database of standards. One click reports

Download Our Hospital Denial Casestudy

Learn how we helped an Orthopedic practice to zero down on denials with our denial management system.