RCM Challenges that Urgent Care Clinics Can Easily Overcome

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The Urgent Care industry is leaping into a phase of proliferated growth. Providing affordable, efficient and quick medical care, the Urgent Care clinics are being patronized by many patients who earlier rushed to ER’s for minor illnesses.

Despite the flourish, the Urgent Care industry is going through, there is some despondency reported by practice owners.

The profit margins of Urgent Care clinics have been alarmingly shrinking. It’s not because of rising over-head cost for which this is happening, but because of sloppy revenue cycle management that is causing it.

Lack of Urgent Care Billing & Coding Expertise Resulting in Erosion of Revenue:

Thumbs down for Lack of Billing and Coding

Lack of coding and billing expertise plus technology deficiencies are not bringing them the revenue for the services they’ve been providing. This erosion of revenue can easily be reversed, with an efficient revenue cycle management in place. It would make a significant difference to the profit margins of Urgent Care clinics.

BillingParadise is one of the few companies that offer exceptional RCM solutions specifically customized to overcome the challenges of ever-changing reimbursement regulations. We have certified personal for coding, billing, collections, and the appeals process.

An Organized Financial Management Key to Success:

Bringing Success to Urgent Care Clinics - RCM

Optimizing financial performance of Urgent Care clinics has been our forte. In today’s scenario of value-based care, routinely changing reimbursement plans and cumbersome regulations organized financial management is a key to success.

The first priority of every urgent care clinician is to provide personalized care to walk-in patients, and in doing so it’s understandable that lack of time can undermine revenue as well as administrative responsibilities. The neglect of the Revenue Cycle especially can have adverse implications on the core functionality of the clinic.

It makes sense to partner with professional billing companies to have them take over the responsibilities of revenue cycle management and contribute their knowledge and expertise for the financial well-being of Urgent Care clinics.

BillingParadise has published an e-book that reveals 12 Untapped Revenue Maximization Secrets for Urgent Care Clinics, read through to know how we can make a difference to your revenue cycle management.

Following are the Revenue Acceleration ideas discussed in the PDF

  1. EHR Implementation
  2. Not filing claims on time
  3. Urgent care EHR
  4. Hire certified coders & conduct regular coding audits
  5. Scaling revenue operations to match industry standards
  6. RCM Integration – Adding value to workflow efficiency
  7. All-In-One Communication & Reporting System
  8. Report Creation
  9. Monitoring Task & Project Management in a Flash
  10. RCM tracking and monitoring
  11. Review Service Level Agreements
  12. Physicians and Insurance contracts

Read the Ebook that fuels your Revenue Growth.

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