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Cost Savings for Orthopedic Surgery Patients through Patient Engagement - A Sucess Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, there are stories that shine as beacons of inspiration. This is one such story, a testament to the power of personalized patient engagement, cost savings, and improved surgical outcomes in orthopedic surgery. Join us as we journey through a remarkable transformation, where BillingParadise partnered with a comprehensive health system to turn challenges into triumphs.

Cost Savings for Orthopedic Surgery Patients through Patient Engagement - A Sucess Story

Our story begins with the recognition of a challenge—a challenge that many healthcare providers face. This large, comprehensive health system, in conjunction with an orthopedic physician group, had already invested heavily in continuous quality improvement and ranked as one of the most efficient practices in the country. However, they faced a significant hurdle. In their quest for continuous improvement, they sought strategies to increase patient engagement, particularly in the context of orthopedic surgery. Despite their commitment, they struggled to effectively engage patients through the EHR portal and phone calls.

The Project

Recognizing the challenge at hand, BillingParadise and the health system embarked on a journey to find a solution. Together, we developed a digital patient engagement strategy that would ultimately redefine the patient experience. An interdisciplinary team meticulously selected theBillingBridge for Patient Engagement by Billingparadise, a cutting-edge platform designed to deliver patient education, provide reminders, and gather assessment data before and after surgical procedures.

Patients became central to our project. They received training on how to use theBillingBridge during their office visits, ensuring they were well-prepared for their surgical journeys. After the office visit, patients received messages, watched videos, submitted wound photos, entered subjective and objective information throughout their preparation and recovery, and had the ability to pose questions that were automatically routed to the appropriate care team member for a timely response. Moreover, an extensive library of clinical best practices and communication protocols was customized to incorporate specific preferences and details of the practice into the engagement pathways. These pathways were designed to launch automatically based on scheduling and admission, discharge, and transfer feeds.

The Result

The outcome of our collaborative efforts was nothing short of remarkable. Patient engagement soared, and readiness for surgery reached new heights. The health system experienced high patient adoption rates, and many of the patients’ questions were addressed proactively, significantly improving the effectiveness of care.

The statistics speak volumes:

  • A resounding 29 percent relative reduction in patient call volume.
  • An impressive 10 percent relative reduction in the length of stay, leading to 26 percent more inpatients being discharged within 24 hours of surgery.
  • A striking 53 percent relative reduction in emergency department visits following surgery, coupled with a six percent relative reduction in readmissions.

As one of the orthopedic surgeons noted, “BillingParadise has fostered a shorter length of stay while also reducing readmissions by supporting patients as they recover at home. The ability to safely manage surgical patients post-discharge reduced costs and increased patient satisfaction.”

Why do health systems trust us?

This success story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the unwavering commitment of BillingParadise and the health system to patient-centric care. By embracing personalized patient engagement strategies and harnessing cutting-edge digital platforms, we not only transformed the landscape of orthopedic surgery but also paved the way for cost savings and improved surgical outcomes.

In a world where healthcare continually evolves, our shared success story serves as an inspiration for healthcare providers and patients alike. It illustrates how challenges can be met and conquered, and how dedicated partnerships can bring about transformative change in the modern healthcare landscape.

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