BillingParadise Announces a Lower Service Cost for Telemedicine

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Committed to Covid-19 Care BillingParadise Announces a Lower Service Cost for Telemedicine, Patient Marketing, and Billing Support

In support of health organizations that are on the frontline battling the pandemic, BillingParadise announced today that it was lowering the service cost for telemedicine, patient marketing, and billing support. 

The company that has been serving the billing & coding needs of health systems for over two decades, stated in a press release that it is committed to COVID-19 care,  and wanted to contribute in a small-way its various services, so that health systems can stay one-hundred percent focused on COVID-19 patient care.

BillingParadise recently set up a billing team exclusively for telemedicine. The staff just completed a 3-day training session to understand the changes recently announced in telemedicine billing regulations. The company, for many years, has been successfully providing patient marketing support to many health systems through its vast  resources of well trained professional marketing executives.

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I’m a multi-certified revenue cycle management professional and compliance officer with 20+ years of experience. I contribute articles to leading healthcare publications and journals. I am currently working as Senior Transition Manager, in BillingParadise headquartered at Diamond bar, California. BillingParadise offers Medical Billing Services that intersect perfectly with the EMR/Practice management system you use.BillingParadise has offices in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and Texas.

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