We improve the compliance and performance of your revenue cycle

Are you worked off your feet trying to meet regulatory demands?

Do you want to work with an RCM company that will protect your revenue stream across emerging payment models and settings of care?

Do you want to better patient experiences?

Let us quarterback your revenue cycle operations

As the revenue cycle becomes more complex it is essential that you have the right people, processes and technology to thrive in the healthcare marketplace. BillingParadise offers specialty-specific RCM services that will have a positive impact across your revenue cycle continuum. We streamline and automate patient access functions.

Would you like to opt for co-managed revenue cycle services?

Increase revenue cycle efficiency and quickness without increasing headcount. We can work as an extension of your in-house medical billing and RCM department. BillingParadise will blend into your current workflow and embed our experts, proven methods and smart technology to help you reduce cost to collect and improve revenue gains.

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Do you want more visibility of your revenue cycle processes?

BillingParadise understands that the more visibility you have of the different moving parts in your revenue cycle, the less you’ll have to worry about missed opportunities or compliance risks.

TeamBridge is a platform that connects our revenue cycle management team with your hospital. It eliminates guesswork, long email threads and miscommunication. With TeamBridge you can view the performance metrics of every single RCM department, set and monitor department specific goals, raise tickets, resolve queries and identify room for improvement.

Phew! Sounds good but complex? No sweat. Like your Smartphone hides all the complexities and provides you a simple and quick interface, TeamBridge lets you monitor what happens in the engine room through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Transparent billing service by Billing Paradise, ensuring clear and accurate financial transactions

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Would you like to work with 7 specialist RCM teams?

BillingParadise has 7 specialized revenue cycle departments
to offer both modular and full-cycle support.

The 7 RCM teams are:

  • Scheduling and eligibility verification team
  • Medical billing department
  • Medical coding department
  • Claim management department
  • AR resolution team
  • AR follow-up team
  • Credentialing and contracting department
  • Denial management department
Specialized RCM Teams

We know your EHR backwards and forwards

We bill through all major EHRs, practice management systems and billing software. Our EHR support desk is available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and offer template customization assistance.

EHR Billing software

BillingParadise has helped our hospital to improve revenue cycle efficiency and whittled down on our aging AR. The support is always around and helpful

Carla ZingRevenue cycle director

Our bad debt was rising and we were in need of a revenue cycle partner who’d understand our specific concerns. BillingParadise has done a good job and our health system has seen a consistent growth in revenue

Charles MasonRevenue cycle director

When we wanted to expand our podiatry group, BillingParadise went beyond the necessary to help us start in a new location. Our revenue is healthy and we are looking to expand our group

Eldore WestCEO

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Our 19 insightful reports will help your healthcare organization better manage your revenue cycle.

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