Updated codes and coding guidelines for the year 2023

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CMS detailed listing of updates and codes totals by section

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated the FY 2023 ICD-10-PCS codes and coding procedures and documenting guidelines, effective 1st October 2022, through the following calendar year 2023. It states that around 64 deleted codes and 331 new codes total 78,496 ICD-10-PCS codes for 2023. Coding services and medical billing service providers can become accustomed to these changes which can impact payment for inpatient facilities like Skilled nursing facilities, acute and long-term care facilities, residential/home health services, and hospices. CMS’ Version Update outline, CMS includes associate degree overall count of 2023 PCS code updates.

Update summary table for the year 2023

Total Codes 2022 New CodesCodes RevisedDeleted CodesTotal New  Codes 2023

Speciality and other ICD-10-PCS Code Totals for 2023

Specialties and subspecialtiesChanges in numbers
Medical and Surgical68,024
Radiation Therapy2,056
Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology1,380
Measurement and Monitoring422
New Technology297
Substance Abuse Treatment59
Mental Health3030
Nuclear Medicine463
Other Procedures78
Extracorporeal or Systemic Therapies45
Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance51

ICD-10-PCS Code Notable Changes

New procedures codes for coverage optical maser opening thermal medical care (LiTT):

There square measure many new codes for the destruction of assorted anatomical regions victimization optical maser opening thermal medical care (LiTT),a minimally invasive surgery for patients with drug-resistant brain disorder seizures that don’t answer medication. LiTT involves employing an optical maser radio-controlled by MRI to target and destroy a low portion of brain tissue. LiTT could also be suggested for a few individuals with seizures coming back from one region of the brain, that square measure termed focal seizures. The new codes replace existing, less specific codes for coverage LITT, for e.g., 00500Z3 replaces D0Y0KZZ.

One purpose to notice is that the LITT codes were resettled from the radiation section to the Medical and Surgical section. The reason for this modification is that LITT procedure thermal medical care to destroy soft tissue victimization heat generated by an optical maser probe and not radiation however rather.

Medical and Surgical Section has new codes

  • Extraction of the neural structure for procedures like cavitron unhearable surgical aspiration (CUSA) for brain tumors
  • Prostatic artery occlusion for embolization procedures
  • Transferring the large/small internal organ to a bladder/ureter
  • Removal And Revision of Infusion device from the os -for these procedures on antecedently inserted devices like an Ommaya reservoir
  • Drainage of the neck via a natural or artificial gap or natural or artificial gap scrutiny approach for voidance of parapharyngeal or retropharyngeal abscesses employing a medical instrument

The updated ICD-10-PCS code set additionally options extra codes for therapeutic agents and a number of other vein introduction codes.

Updates within the New Technology Section: The ICD-10-PCS code set for FY 2023 has many new codes and a few deletions within the technology section. There area unit new procedure codes for news the ISS500 neurologic device indicated to extend cerebral blood flow and scale back incapacity in adult patients with acute stroke. 01HY3MZ, which is presently accustomed report implantation of a sphenopalatine neural structure stimulator for stroke, is replaced by X0HQ3R8 beginning Oct. 1.

New codes for specific procedures

  • Implantation of Sphenopalatine neural structure Stimulator for ischemia
  • Paired wandering nerve Stimulation medical aid victimization associate External Controller
  • Computer-Assisted Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the anterior Cortex
  • Histotripsy of Liver
  • Posterior bone Tether procedures
  • Insertion in Bones and Fusion in Joints for Internal Fixation Devices with liliaceous plant connection
  • Insertion of posterior spinal motion preservation device in joints
  • Replacement of lateral and medial gristle
  • Extracorporeal Antimicrobial Administration throughout urinary organ Replacement
  • Introduction of drugs
  • Measurement techniques

ICD-10-PCS coding guideline changes for the year 2023

The FY 2023 ICD-10-PCS pointers for coding, documenting and reporting. Changes to the rules for FY 2023 include

Detachment procedures of extremities New Root Operation guideline B3.19, and two revised sections:

  • Body Part general guideline B4.1c, and
  • Device general guideline B6.1a.
  • The revision to the part General Guideline B4.1c clarifies the means of a “continuous section of a hollow body part”.

B4.1c FY 2022 Guideline:

 “If a procedure is performed on the never-ending section of a hollow part, code the part worth such as the anatomically most proximal (closest to the heart) portion of the hollow part.”

FY 2023 B4.1c Revision

“Always code the body part worth such as the anatomically most proximal If a singular vascular procedure is performed on the nerve-ending section of a blood vessel or blood vessel part, (closest to the heart) portion of the blood vessel or blood vessel part.”

The Device General Guideline B6.1a is that a tool is coded provided that a tool remains when the procedure is completed. If no device remains, the device worth No Device is coded. It informs coders that once a tool is meant to stay when the procedure is completed however needs removal before the top of the operative episode within which it’s inserted, each insertion and removal of the device ought to be coded.

In the 2023 ICD-10-PCS Official pointers for cryptography and coverage, CMS highlights the importance of correct clinical documentation and notes: “These pointers are developed to help each the care supplier and also the technologist in distinctive those procedures that area unit to be reportable. The importance of consistent, complete documentation within the case history can not be overemphasized. while not such documentation correct cryptography can not be achieved.”

Documentation within the patient’s record is integral to correct cryptography with the ICD-10. Thorough, elaborated documentation is vital for medical coding outsourcing firms to confirm correct cryptography, which is able to cause higher patient care and applicable and timely claims payments for hospitals.

BillingParadise is one such medical coding outsourcing provider that keeps current updates in check and constantly educates and trains the coding team to perfection. Our coding quality auditors pay close attention to coding-related denials and ensure that first pass rates are higher rather than claim rejections or denials.

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