m-Health Tools to Perk-up Physicians’ e-Health Access and Patient Care

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Need a better healthware ?

Physicians across the U.S. are progressively becoming more tech-savvy. This article describes the views and benefits on the mobile EHR usage to access patient records.

The mHealth Switch-over

Electronic Medical/ Health Records (EMR/ EHR) outshine conventional paper charts in many ways including cost cutbacks, mitigated errors, augmented compliance and improved support for clinical, operational and financial workflows.

Despite this, the need for swifter documentation calls for the deployment of advanced and handy technologies. In this milieu, the utilization of handy mobile devices is enhancing the physicians’ access to patient health records when compared to the clunky desktops.

Expert Views on mHealth

Will Morris, MD, associate CMIO at the Cleveland Clinic statedTablets are much useful and effective in sharing piece of information rather than the intact EMR”.

Also, he added that the Tablet could not be the solitary factor that could renovate the medical practice workflow and it’s the extent of data utilization from EMR.

According to Morris, the U.S. healthcare mandates drive the medical practices to grow to be more accountable for the patient care and Tablets could buttress the physicians to mitigate the flaws and ameliorate the high-risk patient care.

David Collins, senior director of mHIMSS, stated in an interview to MedPage Today, “Spending $300 on a tablet for the physicians is really a minimal cost for the payoff.

In the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, internal medicine residents have been offered iPads to ease patient records access and order tests on the move.

Wendy Zellner stated in the MedPage Today interview, Mobile devices enable our physicians streamline their workflow and enhance the time required for patient care

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania prefers using Windows tablets so that their clinicians can navigate through diverse mobile apps without the repetitive patient information entry issue.

Be Ready for the Transformation

          Get on the gravy train ! Physicians must move their focus from eHealth to mHealth to ease their patient medical records access and augment their fervor for patient care.

          You may use iPad/ iPhone or Tablet. That isn’t an issue. But, getting into the technological advancements that works out, matters much !

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