Automate EPIC EHR using RPA

 Erika Regulsky RCM, RPA

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Automating your Epic EHR using RPA

It is the most effective and efficient method of performing repetitive, high volume, and tedious RCM and billing operation tasks. Epic EHR is very complex and can be adaptable and customizable to each hospital or medical group’s operational structure. We had done extensive research on Epic EHR to come up with useful automation facts to automate Epic EHR using RPA.

Why automate Epic EHR using robotic process automation (RPA)?

Epic is an EHR company and a solution provider. Epic EHR systems is a privately held healthcare services and solution-providing organization. They have what’s called Epic EHR, which EHR is electronic clinical records.

In the medical care space, every one of the patient records and the things that are going on with the patients, are undeniably put away inside an EMR/EHR framework. Epic EHR/EMR holds likely around 54% of the patient records in the United States. They are an enormous player in the EHR space.

Something that has been an issue between RPA and Epic will be Epic has consistently felt like they could do the robotic process automation (RPA) inside their system. So generally, they haven’t exactly maintained that RPA should have the option to contact their data. They are beginning to create some distance from that a smidgen. They’re beginning to understand that inside the RPA space, a ton of the things that should be possible for the medical care industry, should be possible inside RPA. They see that it can simply be an improvement to the Epic EHR solution. So those are a portion of the things that we’re beginning to check out. It’s new in the business yet it is beginning to go along.

Epic EHR Use Cases Explained

The least demanding method for taking a gander at RPA is anything that a human can do on a console, RPA can likewise do in Epic EHR. The tedious tasks that staff needs to take care of inside their everyday RCM operations. Perhaps they are keying data, seeing some sort of record, and afterward rekeying that archives elsewhere are that kind of data can be all finished through RPA. It truly removes the repetitive and stressful tasks from the individual and permits the human to accomplish a greater amount of client collaboration. Since calls, or meeting face to face would permit them to take care of their RCM operations in a superior manner.

In a lot of regions, you might be getting clinical data and matching those data to see into a different system or application inside your hospital or medical group.

RPA could, through various techniques, use AI with optical character recognition (OCR) to have the option to peruse that report when it comes in. Whenever it has been filtered, it could remove the data from that report and afterward feed it into different applications or software where that data should be recorded according to their operational structure. Perhaps it is starting off an interaction or simply has to save that data to a record or something like that. Those are a portion of the regular kinds of circumstances where RPA becomes an integral factor in automating Epic EHR.

Epic EHR RPA uses case examples

As we discussed Epic EHR and the way that they’ve taken care of the industry previously, getting RPA in there is all exceptionally new and difficult. However, there are several unique regions where we’ve done all necessary investigation and tracked down benefits. Let’s see some examples of using RPA in Epic EHR.

Patient eligibility and benefits verification

One of the key examples of Epic RPA could happen when a patient calls a hospital or medical group to set an appointment. At the point when that appointment is being set, the people at the hospital or medical group need to go out and actually take a look at the eligibility of that patient for protection. This data is not inside the Epic EHR and RPA could do those queries consequently.

At the point when the patient goes to an appointment and you meet with the doctor, that doctor then, at that point, concocts a conclusion of things that he believes should do with that patient pushing ahead. Where RPA could become possibly the most important factor here would be the planning of those procedures, for the following appointments, and furthermore getting pre-authorization for those services or procedures.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

It very well may be accomplished by RPA in Epic EHR. It can be managed without human intervention by any means. Someone could bring it in and visit the RPA bot could pick up the telephone and decide whether that individual is needing to set an arrangement. By then, that visit bot will hand off to the RPA innovation and it would set the appointment. It can likewise search for areas where they have opened appointments, set that appointment, and afterward naturally go out and do the eligibility and benefits check against the data in Epic. That would be generally dealt with by means of Robotic process automation (RPA).

RPA bots working alongside human staff

Anything that it has to do with human connection or people pursuing a choice in light of non-genuine data, or a stomach feel, or knowing the patient. Things are abstract and they should be thought about while planning an RPA cycle. The RPA interaction necessities to go off realities and it needs to go off a set of rules to pursue its choice. That is one of the areas in which we’re attempting to let lose the people. We maintain that they should have the option to pursue those emotional choices and have additional opportunities to enjoy with the patient, to have the option to provide them with a superior level of care.

We hope that discussing the possibilities of automating Epic EHR using RPA was very beneficial for you as a healthcare leader or C-level executive looking to implement RPA to Epic EHR. There are far more complex RPAfucntions for EPic EHR that cannot be said in one article.

To further discuss the use cases you can reach out to our RPA experts and they will be happy to explain them to you in detail.

 Appointment Scheduling using Robotic Process Automation

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