Increase your coding accuracy with the 5 code scrubbing tools

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The five code scrubbing tools

Move over encoders and online coding reference tools! Advanced code scrubbing tools have helped healthcare organizations to code better, faster, and with greater compliance. Code auditing/scrubbing tools take coding speed and accuracy to another level. Physicians are moving towards these apps and tools, for better coding accuracy and reimbursement.

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Here are 5 smart scrubbing tools that are gaining traction with healthcare professionals.

1.Assign perfect codes!


Optum reads and interprets an entire electronic documentation set in seconds. It quickens the coding cycle through the myriad of innovative features it offers. Medical practices can be assured of greater coding accuracy as Optum reduces denials and rework. Additionally, improved accuracy ameliorates coding consistency, limits compliance risk, and improves the bottom line.

2.Stop missing out on codes…

Provider solution

Claim editor or “claim scrubber” software, from the provider solutions stable, controls both professional and institutional claims from the payer’s position with the medical necessity database. The claim scrubber comes up with a complete set of codes and captures important complications that are frequently missed in a large, complex record. It offers diagnosis code edits, medical necessity edits, procedure code edits, claim-level technical edits, outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) edits, and file format edits.

3.Code scrubbing wizard!


Ensure accurate coding and eradicate coding oversights with the help of Claim Wizard Pro© Medical Claim-Scrubber. This automatically matches the ICD-9 diagnosis codes with the appropriate CPT/HCPCS codes. It also assures that your claim meets all nationally-accepted coding guidelines and standards. With the help of Claim Wizard Pro claim scrubber, reimbursements are simplified. It helps to identify overlooked diagnoses and alerts coders about possible missing procedures.

4.Ramp up your code scrubbing process…

Find a Code

Code-A-Note™ software tool helps you to save time and money by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of codes. The tool is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is just select the codes that need to be validated and click the check code button. Using a single click, you will get accurate codes that help you to reduce claim rejections or denials.

5.Know your top-paying codes!

There are codes that bring in money consistently. Are you utilizing them properly? Do you need to know, which codes you need to demand higher reimbursement for, from insurers? the billing bridge is an intuitive and comprehensive coding and reimbursement reporting app. It lists out your medical practice’s top 10 CPT codes making it easy for coders to know which codes to focus on. Drive up coding efficiency with this super-smart tool.

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