AR Management Service for Hospital

Collect More. Faster

Experience in the industry

BillingParadise has 15+ years of experience in working with Hospital, health systems and Hospital.

More calls = more $$ collected

Our team of 150+ AR callers ensure your AR management services are super-efficient. We make 1701000 calls annually.

HFMA Standards

All our AR management services meet and exceed HFMA benchmarks. We have developed tools based on HFMA benchmarks

Wind down legacy receivables with 24/7 AR resolution services

24/7 AR recovery services: Save 16 hours a day. We work 24/7 and whether you are a health system or a hospital we get the end goal and work towards it

Tech powered: AR Analyzer, our AR management platform helps to liquidate the most difficult to collect AR dollars

Gain more flex: We customize our AR resolution services to align with various payment models and settings of care. We are flexible and responsive to your needs.

Decrease costs: Reduce the cost of AR management and inject more cash flow into your organization

Our Hospital AR Management Service Workflow

 Hospital AR Management Service

Maximize Collections of your practices with our AR Experts

Calculate your MGMA AR Aging Benchmarks

The power of automation in your hands…

AR feature

AR Analyzer - Turbocharges the AR follow-up process

Our AR management software helps spot overlooked pockets of revenue, simplifies the follow-up process through prescriptive work listing and automatically categorizes pending AR into buckets. It instantly updates the results of AR followed up on.

It highlights key risk segments and high value AR to increase the efficiency and quickness of the AR follow up process

Handpicked content Tools: Is your insurer underpaying you? Find out with our payer specific AR analysis tool

Build your own RCM team by hiring affordable FTEs

Grade C
  • Patients’ Insurance Eligibility
  • Claims Creation and Transmission
  • Following-up with denied claims
  • EOBs and ERAs
  • Patient / Insurance AR Management-Mailing
Grade B
  • ICD 10 Coding Expert
  • AR & Denial Analysis Expert
  • Coding Analyst
  • Billing Auditor
  • Claim Management Expert
Grade A
  • Team Co-ordinator
  • RCM Team Lead
  • Revenue Auditor
  • Denial & AR Manager
  • EDI & ERA automation expert

A clear window into your accounts receivable cycle

AR Analyzer, our proprietary AR management and resolution software will give you realtime reports and insights into your AR operations. Gain dimensional visibility and make course corrections effortlessly. AR Analyzer, analyses your AR data, isolates high-risk and high value dollar receivables, identifies deviations, closes process gaps and integrates fragmented processes.

AR management software

Review information at a glance

It eliminates the need to run multiple reports. View AR summaries at a glance

AR Management tool

Analyses and isolates AR data

AR Analyzer automatically isolates high risk receivables

AR Management system

In-depth reports

Detailed AR reports that will enable you to manage AR days and AR relationships with payers

Download Our AR Management Service Casestudy

See how a large integrated healthcare system based in Dallas successfully reduced outstanding AR and reduced average days in AR by 60%

AR Management CASE STUDY