RADV Audits – Webinar Agenda [infographics]

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There’s only one way to handle RADV audits. It is to be prepared.

Do you know that your medical practice can be on the hook in the event a Medicare Advantage Plan is audited and found to have deficiencies? Well, just the thought of audits can scare the daylights out of providers. But in an industry that is constantly under the scanner of regulatory bodies it is important to be prepared.

BillingParadise can help you avoid legal tripwires, documentation mistakes and the fear of being penalized. Our multi-certified experts Kim Dues and Holly Cassano will take you by the hand and explain about:

  • Risk Adjustment documentation guidelines
  • What CMS looks for in a RADV Audit
  • How to Bullet Proof your documentation and coding
  • Risk Adjustment Factor Scores
  • MEAT – (Monitored, Evaluated, Assessed & Treated)

And a lot more.

Be there, it could be best decision you’ve taken all year!

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Steve Wattson

Steve Wattson is the senior revenue cycle manager and Chief Business Development Officer at BillingParadise. He has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. He creates revenue cycle strategies that hospitals can pivot to. He audits the revenue cycle of medical practices and provides insightful reports that detail major revenue cycle metrics. He’s helped 300+ medical practices tighten their billing processes and improve yield.

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