The Comprehensive Guide To Telemedicine

What & for whom is this E-Book For:

This book is meant for anyone who is interested to know about telemedicine. It is the culmination of everything there is to know about the tech, from its inception to its projected evolution. Everything about this book is comprehensive and in depth. The book encompasses all concepts of this innovative tech:

  • Implementation & Method of Use
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Reimbursement Guidelines
  • Scope of the technology
  • Provider contract management

Also includes special coverage of how telemedicine has helped the community during COVID-19

A cursory glance is all you require to understand what is telemedicine & the promise it holds for the future of healthcare.

Exclusives in this book

  • Special interview with the CEO of BillingParadise
  • Every chapter is split in specific details on the general standards and the special standards during COVID-19
  • Complete telemedicine terminology dictionary
  • Telemedicine stats till 2020 Q1
  • All inclusive information on all available Telemedicine Resource Centers in the Country

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