The Updated Coding Guidelines To Deal With COVID-19 Pandemic

What & for whom is this E-Book For:

This book is meant to educate and inform you and most importantly ensure that you have all the right medical codes and don’t miss a step when it comes to documenting COVID-19 cases. Your best coding guide comes to you from the best medical coding experts and made available to you in the best pocket friendly manner.

3 Best’s definitely make anything special

The book is best suited for coders looking to have all their bases covered when it comes to COVID-19 coding, because in this book you will find:

  • Scenario based study
  • Every possible eventuality has been covered
  • Includes lab, testing and diagnostic codes

Exclusives in this book

  • Complete COVID-19 testing Scenario study
  • All updated coding guidelines approved by the American Medical Association
  • ICD-10 Based
  • Sorted & categorized to ensure easy access
  • Latest and most updated version

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