Case Study

How Better Mental Health Care Transitions Lower Readmission Costs

Healthcare Robotic Process Automation Usage, Success and Implementation


This case study focuses on the transformation of Mental Healthcare at the Mental and Behavioral Health Center in Georgia and Florida. They confronted the escalating challenges of rising hospitalization rates and the staggering costs of mental health patient readmissions.

Major Mental Healthcare Administartion Challenges:

  • Increasing Readmission costs for mental health disorders
  • High readmission rates for mood disorders and schizophrenia
  • Inadequate access to mental health resources
  • Complex care transition processes for mental health treatment

The Mental and Behavioral Health Center's innovative strategy involved deploying mental health professionals like the mental health navigator and peer support specialist, streamlining patient care transitions, and significantly reducing readmission rates.

Through this case study, discover how dedicated mental health professionals are reshaping the future of Mental Healthcare. Join us in exploring their success in redefining care processes and patient outcomes.

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