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BillingParadise and AdvancedMD Join Forces to Revolutionize Healthcare

BillingParadise and AdvancedMD Join Forces to Revolutionize Healthcare
As a leading provider of revenue cycle management and medical billing services, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with AdvancedMD, a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform.
The partnership aims to provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive and streamlined approach to revenue cycle management. By combining BillingParadise’s expertise in medical billing and revenue cycle management with AdvancedMD’s powerful EHR platform, the partnership can offer a one-stop solution for healthcare providers.
“We are excited to partner with AdvancedMD to provide our clients with an integrated solution that combines the best of both worlds: advanced EHR technology and industry-leading billing and revenue cycle management services,” said SivaKumar, CEO of BillingParadise.
The partnership between BillingParadise and AdvancedMD is focused on providing healthcare organizations with a seamless and efficient revenue cycle process, empowering healthcare organizations to improve revenue, reduce costs, and enhance patient satisfaction. The partnership offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations’ revenue cycle needs and includes the following key benefits:
  • Specialized RCM services from BillingParadise, combined with AdvancedMD’s robust EHR platform.
  • The partnership aims to provide tailored solutions to client’s unique needs, helping them to optimize their revenue cycle and focus on providing quality care to their patients.
  • Healthcare organizations can benefit from automated AdvancedMD with RPA, certified BillingParadise team with AAPC, FHIR, HL7, CPCS, Department of New Jersey Banking and Insurance, and HBMA certifications.
“By working together, we can offer healthcare providers a seamless and efficient solution that simplifies the revenue cycle management process and improves financial outcomes,” said SivaKumar.
To commemorate this partnership between BillingParadise and AdvancedMD, for practices that use AdvancedMD we are providing:
  • 25% discount on AdvancedMD subscription fees
  • Free revenue analysis audit worth $2,500
New practices can get free credentialing services when they sign up for medical billing services and AdvancedMD as their EHR.
The partnership also allows BillingParadise to offer new services to their clients, such as automating AdvancedMD with RPA and providing affordable rates for performing medical billing and RCM services.
Soma Nathan
Chief Marketing Officer
BillingParadise 24/7 Inc.

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