OpenMRS Insurance eligibility verification system

Patient eligibility errors impact various areas of the payment integrity landscape. Identifying patient coverage before their visit or at the point of service is crucial to reduce operational and frontend bottlenecks. We secure payments for your healthcare organization through our patient eligibility verification system. Our insurance eligibility services are scalable and just the right solution for inpatient and outpatient services.

  • Making informed healthcare decisions

    Expedite processes

    Our smart automation simplifies, modernizes and quickens workflows. Our software interfaces securely and seamlessly with your OpenMRS system.

  • Healthcare revenue audit report

    Predictive analytics

    User-friendly dashboards and advanced predictive analytics give you a bird’s eye view of eligibility processes enabling stronger decision making.

  • Effective budgeting and forecasting in healthcare


    Powerful API provides customized interface with your OpenMRS EHR.

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