Contract Negotiation Webinar

Contract Negotiation Strategies For Orthopedic Surgeons

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Kim Dues

Webinar schedule and description01:30 PM EST - JAN 17TH, 2018 Expired

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Network contract negotiation strategies for orthopedic surgeons

BillingParadise offers free webinars conducted by subject matter experts that answer the biggest questions of healthcare professionals. Declining reimbursement and financial pressures have made it mission critical for orthopedic surgery centers to strengthen their contracts. Smart contract negotiation is essential to survive in 2018.

Payer contract red flags:

Inflexible and proprietary contracts

Restrictive termination clauses

Low reimbursement for services

Contract negotiation webinar conducted by an expert with 50+ years of experience

In this free webinar credentialing and provider enrolment expert, Michelle Graham, will offer insights and need-to-know information on payer contract management. Learn how you can strengthen contracts and negotiate better fee schedules in this interactive webinar.

When will the webinar be conducted?

The webinar will be live streamed on 17th January 2018 at 01:30 PM EST


It’ll be live-streamed through Facebook Live at 01:30 PM EST

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Healthcare representatives WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS WEBINAR?

  • Medical coderPractice managers/owners of orthopedic surgery centers
  • Medical BillerOrthopedicians
  • Healthcare office managersSpine care hospitals
  • Healthcare practice managersOrthopedic hospitals
  • Healthcare practice managersOrthopedic medical groups

Webinar schedule and descriptionKEY POINTS THAT'LL BE DISCUSSED :

    Contract negotiation must-knows for orthopedic surgeons

    Increasing the percentage of RVU for higher reimbursement

    Renegotiation fee increase tips

    The role of a credentialer in improving reimbursement

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