Case Study

From 56 to 96: A Neurology Medical Group’s Path to 99% Increased Collections.

Healthcare Robotic Process Automation Usage, Success and Implementation


This case study explores the transformative journey of a neurology medical group with eight locations across Florida, as they embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system. Faced with significant challenges such as low collection rates, inadequate reporting mechanisms, and inefficient billing processes, the neurology medical group was in dire need of a solution that would not only address these issues but also pave the way for sustainable financial health and operational efficiency.

Major Revenue Cycle Management Challenges in the Neurology Medical Group:

  • Suboptimal Collection Rates
  • Inadequate Weekly Reporting
  • Inefficient Payment Processing
  • Technical Inadequacies in Billing System
  • High Rate of Claim Denials

By adopting a holistic approach that included the integration of advanced reporting mechanisms, centralization of payment processes, and a major overhaul of its billing system, the clinic aimed to enhance its collections, improve transparency in pricing, and foster better communication with patients.

The implementation of these strategic solutions was geared towards not only rectifying the existing inefficiencies but also setting a new standard in RCM excellence within the healthcare industry.

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