How BillingParadise Used AdvancedMD for Neurosurgery Medical Group's Financial Performance

Healthcare Robotic Process Automation Usage, Success and Implementation


Discover how BillingParadise partnered with AdvancedMD to help a neurosurgery medical group based out of Harlingen, Texas, revolutionizing their operations, rejuvenating their billing services, and improving their healthcare financial performance. Highlights include increased provider satisfaction and key improvements in problem areas.

Problem Areas of The Neurosurgery Group:

  • Low collections and operational challenges
  • Inability to fully utilize AdvancedMD EHR
  • Physician dissatisfaction with cash flow
  • Frustration among front office staff
  • Previous biller's limitations in addressing the issues

Experience the transformation as BillingParadise reimagines healthcare revenue cycle management for neurosurgery medical groups, optimizing AdvancedMD EHR and enhancing healthcare financial performance.

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