Experienced benefits and verification resources
will double check your patients’ benefits.
We Cater All Sizes.

Insurance website

Well equipped and regularly trained in ways to encompass all needs of the payor(s).

Top Features

  • Payor needs are definitively met
  • Versatile templates to suit all payors’ specifications
  • Adept personnels in dealing with all demands of payors
  • Secure and encrypted correspondence, ensuring no data loss
  • Confidentiality is always honored

Calling agents

Highly skilled callers to tackle and effectively contest all forms of denials, ensuring highest receivables

Top Features

  • Professional Callers
  • Skilled Denial managers
  • Regularly trained on emerging techniques
  • Result-oriented practitioners
  • Production benchmarks are mandatorily met

Semi-automation benefits verification process

We don’t just use the most competent automation process; we use trained personnel to ensure nothing slips through the cracks

Top Features

  • Cloud based tech
  • Compatible across all platforms
  • Easily accessible across all devices
  • Seamlessly scalable
  • User Friendly software with the most effective automation

Delivering 100s of eligibility checks a day! Talk to us to know more.

Our product makes billing processes effortless. We meet all your demands and seamlessly scale for larger organizations and hospitals.

Maximize operational efficiency, reduce eligibility denials, and
better manage patient payments with this Automated Patient Eligibility verification system.

Realize how much money you will save

Hours Spent checking patient eligibility/Week

  • 60 Hours / Week
  • Total hours your in-house resources spend checking patient balance + benefits
  • You spend $ 9000 every week for in-house resources
  • BillingParadise’s cost $ 1350 / Week
$ 7,650/ Week

Average Hourly Rate at your office premises

  • 50 $ / Hour
  • Average rate you pay your resources
  • $ 50
  • BillingParadise Resource’s cost $ 7.5
$ 30,600/ Month

Number of Users

  • 3
  • Number of resources that will be involving in the eligibility, verification & benefits process
  • 3
  • 3
$ 3,67,200/ Year

One stop Benefits & Verification platform

Track and improve resources' productivity with the #1 Process Management platform.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Can we get eligibility status of the patient prior to services rendered?

Course you can. BillingParadise Eligibility software analyses the data as soon as the patient’s appointments are fixed. Eligibility is verified immediately and you will be provided with a comprehensive report where you can view the eligibility status.

My organization deals with multiple physicians groups, will you be able to support such large numbers?

BillingParadise patient eligibility software is seamlessly scalable. So, we can match your specifications precisely. We fit all sizes.

I am impressed with your product, but me and my board would like to know how all these complicated processes are simplified?

Sure, we can absolutely help you with that. Schedule a demo with us at your convenience and in just 30 minutes you will have all your questions answered.

100+ happy organizations nationwide..

You’re in good company! Over one million claims have been processed in the last 6 months.

"My hospital’s AR was growing at an alarming rate. ARAnalyzer created a platform for my denial management and AR calling teams to communicate. As it automatically categorizes AR it helped my teams to prioritize and work more proactively."

Margaret gomez
Sonya Carothers
TX, eClinicalWorks User

Our Billing Paradise team feels more like our business partners than just another "outsourced" service. They personally relate any important information quickly and follow up in detail on all aspects of our billing, AR, and credentialing. Implementation of eClinical Works for our new business was flawless. They have expertly dealt with traditionally difficult and specialized US Dept of Labor billing alongside commercial insurance billing. We have had a very positive experience from the very beginning and look forward to many great years to come with them!"

Dr. Alina Sholar, MD
Dr. Alina Sholar, MD
Certified Plastic Surgeon in Austin TX

Billing Paradise has done a phenomenal job on Our Project, We were very sceptical about changing our EMR from Office ally to ECW when we started doing our billing with BillingParadise, but the process was handled carefully without any difficulties for our patients & has Increased our collections. Over all our LAIMA Team is well pleased these past 2 years of doing business with Billing Paradise and you will be too!!."

Stand-Alone Medical Billing & Coding Team
Teresa A
OBGYN Office Manager

BillingParadise Flawless Tech To Curb Eligibility Denials

We at BillingParadise offer our providers the most effective automated workflow to bypass patient eligibility denials. Our services ensure a hassle free experience for both the providers and their patients. We ensure comprehensive eligibility checks through automation tech prior to services rendered. Through our system the provider is immediately informed of pending patient responsibilities, CO-Pay and other dues. We provide an aggressive check system where all patients' status are verified.